5 Reasons the Paleo Diet Is Great for Weight Loss

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paleo diet for weight loss
Author Name: Beth Rush
Date: Friday April 8, 2022

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Most people have heard about the paleo diet. It’s a trendy way to lose weight, so you’ve likely seen posts about it on social media or related headlines on magazine covers. Here are some of the benefits of the paleo diet and why it’s so great for weight loss. It could help you finally reach your wellness goals.

1. It Increases Your Protein Intake

Anyone who experiences paleo diet weight loss often attributes it to their increased daily protein consumption. The lifestyle relies on foundational protein in every meal because it speeds up your metabolism and grounds your blood sugar to prevent cravings. You won’t feel hungry as often, so it’s easier to stick with the diet.

2. It Decreases Calories Per Meal

You’ll likely experience more than average weight loss on paleo diet meals because you’ll consume fewer calories. You won’t battle mindless eating or snacking due to boredom.

The plan encourages people to avoid counting calories, but you’ll still eat less because you’ll stick with whole foods higher in protein. Each meal will be much more satisfying and keep you full longer because they’ll contain all the essential nutrients your body needs to thrive.

3. It Removes High-Carb Foods

Many popular diets prevent people from eating any carbs, but the paleo diet is much more well-rounded. Although you’ll avoid high-carb foods like bread, you can replace them with organic carbohydrates like berries and nutritional yeast. Since you’ll still supply your body with the carbs it needs for energy, you’ll feel more awake, cheerful and ready to tackle your day.

4. It Eliminates Added Sugars

Everyone knows to avoid sugar when they want to lose weight, but added sugars can be the sneaky ingredient that packs on pounds. They spike your blood sugar, converting sugars into additional stored fat. They can also lead to health complications, such as:

  • Diabetes 
  • Heart disease
  • Obesity

By only buying all-natural whole foods or products with zero-added-sugar labels, you’ll experience more significant average weight loss on paleo. Learn how to recognize their many forms before your next trip to the grocery store by memorizing alternative names for sugar, like sucrose and maltose.

5. It Avoids Processed Foods

Eliminating processed foods is the most crucial aspect of the paleo diet. The refined ingredients and saturated fats in typical meals cause additional fat storage or keep people at the same weight.

You’ll jumpstart your paleo diet weight loss by avoiding any foods with processed ingredients. Throw out boxed meals, junk food and packaged snacks to start your new way of eating. You can always enjoy them again once you’ve reached your goal weight if your doctor approves.

Discover the Benefits of the Paleo Diet

There are many reasons why the paleo diet is great for weight loss. Learning how things like added sugars and processed foods affect your body empowers you to make smarter choices. Make these changes to your daily routine to see how quickly your body starts burning unwanted weight and potentially discover a new long-term way to eat.

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