Build an Empire: 5 Methods for Self-Employed Individuals

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how to build an empire
Author Name: Beth Rush
Date: Friday November 11, 2022

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Imagine yourself at the center of a vast empire. People across the globe use your products, know your brand name, and spend their money and attention on your business. To many people, this feels like a dream just out of reach, but unlocking this future is all about preparation and patience. 

Contrary to popular belief, you can learn how to build an empire from nothing but your sharp wit and centered mind. As a self-employed individual, you find solace in the independence of hours and the direction of your brand. You know your worth and can set your rates accordingly. 

But when building an empire of wealth and success, you need to wear many hats and traverse situations like taxes and healthcare. Learn to expect the unexpected and prepare your mind and body for your blossoming empire below. All you need is your greatest asset: you. 

1. Devise Your Plan

Empires are not built in a day. It takes careful planning and research to understand what your business stands for and what the competition looks like in the current marketplace. A business plan is a guiding document that covers how your business will make money and handle finances and marketing. 

If your empire consists of offering your services and skills to others, craft a portfolio of successful work. Social media managers can compile posts that garnered thousands of likes, or copywriters can showcase their acclaimed articles. 

For both businesses and freelancers, devote time to researching often forgotten factors of work life, such as self-employment health-insurance options, taxes, and legal forces like proprietorship.   

2. Build Your Team

All the best leaders are surrounded by a support system. When learning how to build an empire of wealth, create a common vision for the future. Your network of people will be better equipped to guide and support you. 

Give outsourcing a try for unfamiliar topics. There is always merit in diving into something new, but self-employed people already juggle many tasks. Consider outsourcing help for finances, taxes, and bookkeeping. 

Your network could also include other industry professionals or mentors. As the head of a growing empire, you are constantly working on bettering yourself and adapting. Perhaps there are friends, former colleagues and people in similar industries who can offer advice and encouragement. Life is not a lonely road—embrace collaboration. 

3. Prioritize Self-Care

Managing a vast empire can be overwhelming, so that’s why self-care is so critical to combatting burnout. Your health and happiness will always be more important than a deadline. 

Take comfort in friends and family. Even if they do not understand the intricacies of the marketing situation, they can be there to hug it out or take your mind off the stress. 

Some other rejuvenating practices include:

  • Exercising for at least 30 minutes
  • Taking a soothing nature walk
  • Adding quiet and alone time into your schedule
  • Making time for hobbies like baking, knitting or reading

You are first and foremost in this empire, so treat yourself with care. 

4. Create a Set Schedule

One of the benefits of being self-employed is versatility. You could work anywhere at any time. However, this is not always possible or advisable. 

For one, working late or extremely early hours makes contacting you difficult. Secondly, a concrete and consistent schedule promises a better work-life balance. You will know exactly when your workday ends so that you can recharge for the next day. 

Build time into your schedule to rest and relax. You will be even more alert when you hop back into the fray. 

5. Develop Process Improvements

Growing a business means continually growing and improving. Process developments are ways to identify kinks in your flow and learn how to work more efficiently. To uncover more about customers’ reactions to your services, implement a customer feedback form or track dwell time on your site. 

Learning how customers perceive your brand will help you improve the products and workflow of the empire. Challenge yourself to identify 5 areas of growth a week, as well as goals at the daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly levels. 

To build an empire, you must always be reaching for the stars.  

Build an Empire of Wealth

You don’t necessarily need large sums of money or exclusive connections to create an empire. Learning how to build an empire from nothing is about finding connections with others and being prepared for the future. Explore these tips and begin your assent to legendary leadership. 

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