How to Use a Beauty Blender for a Flawless Complexion

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Makeup sponges have been around for a long time in various forms, but the Beauty Blender changed the game. Its soft, porous, bouncy design applies makeup like no other. Even still, this gem of a cosmetics tool goes underappreciated and underused in many people’s makeup bags. Many women just don’t know how to use a Beauty Blender properly, yet with a handful of tips, you can up your makeup game and achieve a flawless complexion. 

1. Start With Skin Care

Most Beauty Blender owners don’t realize their precious pink sponge can do so much more than apply foundation. Use your sponge from the very start of your routine, treating your skin. You can use a damp Beauty Blender to apply almost every part of your skin care routine, including toner, serum, moisturizer and SPF. Just be sure to rinse it off between products, to avoid strange interactions. 

2. Soak It 

Before you do anything with your Beauty Blender, you need to get it wet. Your makeup routine won’t benefit from a dry sponge — it will soak up your product and not blend well. The magic is in the texture of the water-activated Beauty Blender. When you soak it under the tap, it doubles inside and becomes light and airy. Since the sponge already has water inside, it won’t be able to soak up your product. 

3. Wring Out Excess Water

Wetting your sponge is essential to the process, but it won’t work well if it’s still dripping, either. After soaking it and giving it a moment to swell up, wring out extra water by squeezing it over your sink or pressing it into a clean towel. 

4. Add Product to Your Face

When it’s time to add product to your face, you may be tempted to apply it onto the sponge and go in from there. However, pooling all your makeup in one spot makes it more difficult to spread around and get an even application. Instead, use your finger to place a small amount directly onto your face and then bring in the Beauty Blender

5. Bounce, Don’t Swipe

The blending motion you use with your Beauty Blender is almost as important as getting it wet first. In order to get the most flawless application, you want to softly bounce the product in rather than swiping and smearing it around. A bouncing motion will give your final look an air-brushed quality, while sliding will lead to streaks. 

6. Use for Your Whole Routine

We’ve already covered the Beauty Blender’s ability to apply skin care and base products, but it has many more uses. Use the large domed end for primer, foundation or BB cream. You can turn it around to the smaller, more pointed end for detail work with concealer around your nose and under your eyes. Keep the sides clean to dab away excess product at the end, or use them to blend highlighter or concealer. You can also use a sponge with powder products, like setting powder, for a flawless finish. 

7. Wash Every Time

Since great makeup starts with good skin, keeping your face clean and free of bacteria is vital. Forgetting to wash your Beauty Blender allows old product to build up on the surface along with any dirt and debris it picked up on your face during previous applications. Wash your sponge every time to prevent acne or other reactions. Once you’ve cleaned it out, leave it to dry in a well-ventilated area. 

It’s Easy to Learn How to Use a Beauty Blender 

Despite what you may have thought, learning how to use a Beauty Blender is quite simple and only gets easier with practice. Use these tips to help you with everything from your daily skin care routine to a night-out look.

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