7 Benefits of Joining a Gym

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Author Name: Mia Barnes
Date: Wednesday December 18, 2019

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The new year is coming, and if you plan on resolving to get in better shape, why not consider a gym membership? Most fitness facilities charge a reasonable monthly fee in exchange for all the benefits of joining a gym that exist.

“But wait,” you might think, “Why should I spend money to work out when I can reap benefits in my living room?” There are a ton of perks that you probably cannot replicate independently, so read on to discover why signing a fitness facility contract should be your priority in 2020.

1. You Enjoy Exclusive Amenities

Be honest — how much equipment could you afford? Even if you have a tidy bankroll, do you have sufficient room in your home for a full suite replete with ellipticals and treadmills? Probably not.

However, one of the benefits of joining a gym is that you have more equipment at your disposal than you can fit into one workout. You also enjoy amenities like pools and saunas. Did you know that sitting in a sauna twice per week reduces your risk of sudden cardiac death by 22%?

2. You Can Explore Various Classes

If you love trying new things, many gyms have a variety of group fitness classes. You can try anything from Zumba to Pound to get your heart pumping. Is it your recovery day? You can drop into a relaxing hatha yoga class to stretch your sore muscles and find your zen. Is it too cold outside for biking to work? Hit up a spin class.

3. Trainers Can Show You the Ropes

When you perform exercises with improper techniques, you increase your risk of injury significantly. However, fitness facilities feature certified personal trainers to show you the ropes and ensure you’re working out safely. They can show you how to adjust the equipment to fit your unique body frame.

Many gyms offer a free session or two with a trainer, and some gyms even offer personal trainers who go a step further and can design personalized 30-day fitness plans for new clients. Take advantage of perks like these. Whether you’re a rookie learning the ropes or an advanced exerciser, there’s always something new to learn!

4. You’ll Meet New People

Many people find that working out with a friend helps them maintain their commitment to their fitness goals. Where’s the best place to meet a new bestie with whom to get sweaty? You guessed it! The gym is a fantastic place to meet new people. You already know they share your passion for fitness — you have an instant conversation starter.

5. You Can Take Advantage of Specials

It’s the new year, new you season, and gyms everywhere offer a ton of specials to entice new members. Many facilities will offer an even more substantial discount if you prepay a year in advance. However, monthly fees are so affordable as the new year approaches, you may find monthly rates for as low as the price of a chain restaurant meal. That’s not bad for 30 whole days of fitness!

6. You’ll Feel More Motivated

A recent study found that people who worked out independently logged only 137 minutes of exercise weekly. Gym rats, conversely, worked out for 484 minutes — approximately triple that amount. If you’re clinging to the myth that gym memberships are a waste of money because you won’t go, don’t. Science tells a different tale. If you’re paying for something, you’re more likely to use it.

7. You’ll Gain Personal Satisfaction

When you make tangible progress toward a goal, you’re more likely to stay the course. One of the biggest benefits of joining a gym is that it can act as the mark of your first step in your commitment to fitness. Merely taking this step sets up the mindset that you’re on the path to positive change.

The simple act of signing a membership form gives you a sense of satisfaction — you knocked something off your to-do list! The satisfaction you get from doing so inspires you to take the next step.

There Are So Many Benefits of Joining a Gym

This 2020, take meaningful action toward achieving your fitness resolutions by joining a gym. By this time next year, you’ll look and feel your absolute best!

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