9 Emotional Changes That Occur During Puberty

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Author Name: Mia Barnes
Date: Wednesday December 25, 2019

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You know that are bodily and emotional changes during puberty. Did you know your emotions take a roller coaster ride too? Your mind and your body are intricately connected.

Keep in mind that what you’re experiencing is normal. You might feel a little crazy, but knowledge is power. Once you know what to expect, the emotional changes during puberty won’t seem so tumultuous.

1. You Cry at a Pin Drop

I distinctly remember bursting into tears for no particular reason when I was 12, and my mom asked me to vacuum. I don’t hate vacuuming — I find it oddly relaxing. In fact, nothing was bothering me. All of a sudden, though, the floodgates opened.

You can expect to cry at the drop of a hat, even if nothing is wrong. If you fear you’ll hurt someone during such outbursts, count to 10 before speaking. Guilt over lashing out will only make you feel worse.

2. Your Emotions Will Soar

One moment, you’re on top of the world. The next? You’re wallowing in the pit of despair. Luckily, this, too, shall pass.

If you suspect an underlying hormonal imbalance — with symptoms like gaining lots of weight or cystic acne — talk to your caregiver visiting the doctor. Some conditions, such as polycystic ovarian syndrome, first develop during puberty and can impact your future fertility.

3. You’ll Feel Elated

Not everything about emotional changes during puberty is negative! The same hormonal shifts that bring crushing lows also create energizing highs.

You might wake up one Saturday and feel a sudden urge to clean your closet or even your whole house. Take advantage of this energy — your parents will thank you, and you’ll burn off excess energy.

4. You Have Vivid Dreams

Did you know that panic attacks can occur at night? It’s true. While you might feel tight in the chest or like your heart is racing during daytime attacks, nighttime panic attacks lead to vivid dreams and nightmares.

If you find these disturbances make going to sleep difficult, it’s okay to use a nightlight again for a while — promise! You can also opt for glow in the dark stars.

5. You May Grow Self-Conscious

When you hit puberty, you start to develop sexual feelings — at the same time, your body is raising Cain. Hormonal changes can cause acne, for example, making you feel self-conscious. Plus, you may gain weight, making you feel even more awkward.

Try modifying your diet to ease the symptoms of hormonal changes. A diet with foods high in omega-3 fatty acids, like salmon, improves acne and helps you control your weight. Aim to fill your plate halfway with fruits and veggies at every meal, too, to decrease calorie intake.

6. You Get More Adventurous

Puberty comes with greater intellectual awareness that makes you seek your own identity and carve your place in the world. This change makes you crave adventure. As much as time and curfew permit, give in to this urge!

Adolescence is all about learning who you are and who you want to become. Perhaps your parents always urged you to become a teacher, but you prefer a career in writing. Use this time to submit your work to publishers — you may face rejection, but your first success will feel amazing!

7. You’ll Feel a Bit Angry

We live in a crazy world, and it can be easy to let that get to us. This often starts during teenage years, and it’s very normal. However, that “teenage angst,” as it’s come to be called, can lead to very serious problems such as unsafe sexual practices or substance abuse.

Start wearing a rubber band on your wrist to snap when you feel ready to, well, snap at someone else. Try to redirect your energy into positive change. Seek out volunteer opportunities. You should also try to be a role model whenever you can in order to help your friends avoid unhealthy coping mechanisms as well.

8. You’ll Harness Your Power

Puberty isn’t an unrelenting hormonal log flume ride through Hades. At times, you’ll have moments of brilliant clarity. You’ll feel as if you know exactly who you are and where you want to go.

Harness these moments and let the spirit lead you. Perhaps you’ll discover you’re a Kung Fu master? Maybe you’ll find a hidden talent for playing the guitar.

9. Everything Will Calm Down

When things grow rocky — as they inevitably will with emotional changes during puberty — practice yoga and meditation or write in a mindfulness journal.

Remember, puberty, like all stages of life, will pass. You’ll grow into your adult self no matter what you do. For now, cultivate inner peace while you buckle up and enjoy the ride!

You Can Survive Emotional Changes During Puberty

Once you know what to expect, you can ride out the emotional changes during puberty. Follow the tips above to emerge stronger and wiser!

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