Best Compact Home Exercise Equipment to Add to Your Post-Holiday Wish List

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Best Compact Home Exercise Equipment
Author Name: Lucas Cook
Date: Monday January 3, 2022

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It’s that time of year again. You make a list of what you want to get for others, and you check it twice. Wouldn’t it be nice to find a fun new fitness gadget for yourself gift-wrapped under the tree? 

Fortunately, you can find workout gear to suit any size of budget. Here are some of the best compact home exercise equipment to add to your holiday wish list. 

1. A Set of Fitness Dice 

You probably spent at least part of the pandemic working out in your living room. However, your training routine can get stale if you don’t have a personal trainer or an app to show you new moves and inspire your workouts. 

Why not ask for a set of fitness dice? A few tosses reveal your workout fate. This method lets you vary your workout and change up your routine. It’s also a fun way to get your kids interested in physical activity — challenge them to play along with you. 

Get it from Amazon: $16.99

2. A Speed Jump Rope 

Jumping rope is one of the most vigorous forms of cardiovascular conditioning. You don’t even need to leave your house to do it if you have enough space. 

The right rope makes a big difference. Lightweight speed models have you feeling like a professional boxer in no time. You can also find weighted versions if you want to combine strength training with your cardio. 

Get it from Amazon: $8.99

Get a weighted jump rope from Amazon: $16.99

3. A TRX Fit System 

You might have seen this intimidating-looking series of straps and pulleys assembled at the gym. Please don’t let your fear hold you back from investing in one for your home. 

You can work out with one of their on-demand classes. You get 90 days free with your purchase, which is more than ample time to master the moves. After you build your confidence, you can improve your fitness in 15 minutes a day

Get it from Amazon: $139.85

4. A Set of Resistance Bands 

Resistance bands offer multiple advantages over free weights. One is that you don’t have to worry if you accidentally drop one on your toe. Even 3-pound dumbbells can break your toes if you get careless or clumsy while working out barefoot in your living room. 

Another perk to these fitness devices is that they travel well. They take up next-to-no room in a suitcase and don’t create extra weight. However, you can still get 20 or more pounds of resistance, depending on your band’s strength. 

Get it from Amazon: $9.98

5. A Yoga Mat 

Jute is a sustainable material — it grows to maturity quickly like bamboo and hemp. It’s also uniquely suited for yoga practice because it becomes stickier as it gets wet. The result is a non-slip surface for practicing tricky Bikram moves without risking injury. 

This natural jute yoga mat provides the ideal surface for practicing your flying tittibhasana. It also insulates your body from the ground if you work out in the room over the garage and shiver through savasana. 

Get it from Amazon: $37.21

6. A Speed Bag 

Do you dream of training like Sylvester Stallone in one of the “Rocky” films? Even if you don’t have room for a heavy bag, you can squeeze a speed bag into one corner. 

This device hones your eye-hand coordination. It also provides a necessary outlet on stressful days when you need to vent some steam before meditating yourself to a happier mental space. 

Get it from Amazon: $39.99

7. A Doorway Pullup Bar 

Lifting your body weight off the ground using your arm strength alone isn’t easy. Can you still do a pullup like you did back in your gym class days? 

A doorway pullup bar gives you the tool you need to test your mettle. It also provides practice space if you need a little assistance from a partner or chair before you can hoist yourself using your arms alone. 

Get if from Amazon: $29.89

8. A Body Ball

A  body ball extends your range of motion when doing moves like crunches. You can also use it as a weight bench — doing so requires more core stability than the traditional model. 

Do you sit all day at work? Why not strengthen your core while you do? While most experts don’t recommend replacing your office chair with one of these devices all the time, using one for an hour or two could improve your balance and strength. You’ll also burn extra calories, and every little bit counts if you’re trying to shed pounds. 

Get it from Amazon: $28.98

9. A Set of Kettlebells

A single kettlebell is all you need to pull off dozens of strength training movements. Plus, their handlebar design gives you a convenient grip.  

You can find these devices in various weights. If you can afford to do so, get several sizes to work every muscle in your body. 

Get it from Amazon: $39.99

Add the Best Compact Home Exercise Equipment to Your Holiday Wish List 

It’s okay to think of yourself when planning for the holidays. Add the best compact home exercise equipment listed above to your wish list. 

Updated on 5/21/2024

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