Bonding by Baking: 5 Recipes to Make Together

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Bonding by Baking
Author Name: Mia Barnes
Date: Friday December 31, 2021

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There are many ways to get closer to the one you love. Spending time in the kitchen whipping up decadent treats is one of the tastiest methods. 

What sweeter way to do so than by preparing a decadent dessert you can indulge in with a bit of champagne? Here’s how you can enjoy bonding by baking with these five recipes to make with the one you love. 

1. Strawberries and Champagne Cheesecake

Few things scream romance like strawberries and champagne. You and your sweetie can perhaps exchange one of the red fruits mouth-to-mouth with a kiss while you prepare this sweet treat. You might even steal a sip of the bubbly.

You’ll need to let this confection cool overnight before you can apply the decadent topping. The chocolate chips add an extra layer of romance to the final product. Arranging the strawberries in a floral pattern makes this treat look like you picked it up at a bakery — take plenty of pictures to show off on social media. 

2. Chocolate Ricotta Mousse 

Ricotta cheese is lower in fat and calories than many other quesos, and it possesses the same nutritional benefits. You get a healthy dose of calcium, vitamin A, niacin, vitamin B12, vitamin K, selenium, phosphorus and zinc. Of course, you won’t be thinking about the health perks when you dig your spoon into this decadent dessert. 

One of the best parts of this treat is that it only contains three little ingredients. If you’re on a grocery budget — who isn’t, these days — you can pick up what you need for relatively little. That doesn’t mean you won’t get big, decadent flavor. If you have a little extra, throw some raspberries on top to complement the chocolate shavings. 

3. Raspberry and White Chocolate Shortbread Cookies 

Cookies might be the ultimate romantic treat. You can lie in bed feeding them to each other and never mind the crumbs. Using cookie cutters to shape these into heart shapes only increases the romance quotient. 

Like all shortbreads, you don’t need many ingredients. You probably have most of them in your cupboard already, like all-purpose flour and confectioner’s sugar. You can also substitute a healthier flour, such as almond. Use an organic raspberry jam you pick up from your farmer’s market, and you can feel good about your indulgence. 

These treats also make the ideal Valentine’s Day gift. Bake a batch and wrap them up in a heart-shaped box to present to the one you love. 

4. Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Mini-Cheesecakes

There’s something indubitably romantic about chocolate-covered strawberries. How can you make them even more decadent? Use them as toppings for these delightful mini-cheesecakes. They’re so rich that you might be able to stop at one — if you want. 

The lack of sour cream and buttermilk in this recipe makes these delights particularly sweet. Whipping the egg whites slightly less than you normally would helps prevent the collapse that can occur while baking. Of course, the shape doesn’t influence the flavor. Even if your final product doesn’t come out Pinterest-ready, it will be tasty. 

5. Red Velvet Cupcakes

Few hues say romance more than red. Why not incorporate a little color-coding into your baking with these delicious red velvet cupcakes. These bite-sized treats are perfect for feeding each other, arms intertwined, at your next picnic. 

The cream cheese frosting keeps these cupcakes from becoming impossibly sweet. A little extra food coloring produces the deep crimson color you desire. The trick to keeping them light and fluffy is to measure your flour with a scale, then stir it with a spoon before leveling it. Mix the dry ingredients just enough to combine them but not over-blend to avoid activating the gluten in the flour and getting a dense, gummy result. Using a light touch keeps them airy. 

Bonding by Baking: Make These 5 Recipes Together

There are many ways to celebrate your love. Why not try bonding by baking by whipping up these five decadent dessert recipes together? 

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