Best Weightlifting Shoes for Aesthetics and Quality

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Author Name: Beth Rush
Date: Thursday June 27, 2024

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What gear do your feet wear when you hit the gym? The type you choose could impact your performance and go a long way toward keeping you off the dreaded DL. What are the best weightlifting shoes for your unique soles? We’ve got you covered with this guide to 11 of the best brands and why they’re worth the investment.

A weightlifter's shoes next to a weight

Why Invest in Weightlifting Shoes? 

It’s chest and triceps day. What does it matter what you wear on your feet? You quickly find out the first time a dumbbell strikes your pinky toe — even a 5-pounder can do considerable damage, shattering bone. 

Weightlifting shoes alone won’t protect you from a 100-pound barbell falling from height, but they will give you the quick agility you need to move out of the way without slipping and sliding. They provide enhanced grip, even on sweat-slick surfaces. Some styles lend additional ankle support, useful when doing balancing moves like standing heel raises or single-leg deadlifts. . 

Any model you choose will protect you from the yucky germs that coat such floors — plantar warts, ringworm and even staph can lurk and latch onto bare feet. They can also prevent foot deformities that take you out of the game by providing supportive cushioning, especially if you mix a little HIIT-style cardio into your weight room mix. 

What to Look for in Weightlifting Shoes

The characteristics that make the best weightlifting shoes are as unique as your feet. One approach is to visit a retail store and have your feet measured by a professional. Another idea? Consult with your sports trainer or family physician for suggestions, as they may have advanced training in foot biomechanics. 

Once you find the best brand of weightlifting shoes for you, shop online for the lowest prices. Many retailers and manufacturers offer discounts for repeat purchases — get rewarded for your loyalty. Although shoes can have stricter rules regarding trying before buying, asking yourself the following questions can help you nail the right pair the first time: 

  • Do I have any special problems to address? For example, high arches, bunions or flat feet? 
  • Am I prone to connective tissue injury? For example, plantar fasciitis is common among the gym set, and you have over 30 ligaments in your feet and three major tendons. 
  • How is my balance? Do my ankles tend to wobble, requiring additional support? 
  • What type of surface do I typically work out on? Harder surfaces, like concrete, necessitate stronger cushioning. Otherwise, shock can travel up your legs and cause injuries to your knees or hips.

Consider all of these factors in conjunction with each other to select the best weightlifting shoes for you. For example, a weightlifter who is also a runner with knee osteoarthritis may seek cushioning — but not too much. 

According to Dr. Najia Shakoor, MD, a rheumatologist and professor at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago, too much arch support can detract from the pronation you need for a more natural range of motion. Finding the right amount of lift when you have high arches and bad knees is priceless. 

Professional advice is best when selecting new shoes, but few people keep an orthopedic surgeon on speed dial. That’s okay — we’ve got you covered with this review of 11 of the best weightlifting shoes that can help narrow your search for the perfect pair. 

A woman lifting weights at the gym

11 of the Best Weightlifting Shoes 

Add a pair of these weightlifting shoes to your shopping list/ 

1. Adidas Unisex Adult Powerlift 

Plenty of folks recognize the classic triple line that marks Adidas shoes, as this footwear adorns the feet of some of the world’s top athletes. With comparable styling for men and women and six colors to choose from, you’ll find a pair that matches your favorite gym wardrobe. 

More importantly, these best weightlifting shoes feature a rubber outsole with superior grip. The canvas uppers include mesh inserts to allow superior breathability that decreases sweat and odor. Adidas also uses at least 50% recycled materials, helping you tread more lightly on the planet. 

$96.09 from Amazon

2. CastIron Lift 

A name like Castiron Lift implies ruggedness, and this manufacturer focuses on gear for the weight room and Crossfit. The easy velcro straps make them a snap to take on and off, perfect if you’re the sort who can’t wait to doff your dog covers and let your feet breathe after leaving the gym. 

The anti-slip outsoles make them perfect for preventing injury during high-intensity training. The black microfiber and fabric provide breathability while providing the ideal backdrop for the stylish gold or teal detailing. 

$99.99 from Amazon

3. Nordic Lifting 

Powerlifting aficionados will adore Nordic Lifting shoes specially designed for your heaviest lifting days. The raised 1.4-inch heel optimizes your power when performing squats and lunges. 

Nordic Lifting designs these best weightlifting shoes with Olympic-level stability for a powerful workout. They’re perfect for athletes who need extra strength to feel secure as they push past new personal records. 

$99.88 from Amazon

4. M Manuklear 

M Manuklear uses a signature combination of laces and magic tape straps for a locked-in fit that offers superior stability. The reinforced chassis and widened, raised heels ensure you won’t slip even under the heaviest weights. 

This company also takes sustainability seriously. They manufacture their shoes from rubber, TPU and Oxford cloth. TPU is more eco-friendly than many other plastics as it is recyclable and doesn’t release harmful toxins when exposed to heat. 

$79.98 from Amazon

A girl standing next to weights at the gym

5. RXN

If your busy lifestyle takes you directly from the gym to the country club to engage in casual business meetings with the alligator shirt-wearing set, RXN is the best weightlifting shoe for you. Their sleek, casual styling dresses up a polo perfectly when they aren’t keeping your grip on the weight room floor. Don’t hesitate at their white coloring — they’re machine washable, making them a snap to keep looking new. 

$59.98 from Amazon

6. Under Armour 

The Under Armour brand has risen in popularity among pro footballers, and you know those guys spend some heavy time in the weight room. The warp upper technology keeps your feet locked down during dynamic moves to prevent injury. 

The unique TriBase maximizes your foot’s contact with the ground, further solidifying your stance beneath heavy barbells. The micro G foam midsole offers the ultimate in responsive cushioning. 

$114.84 from Amazon

7. KCross 

Bees are amazing creatures, making honey to soothe sore throats and pollinating crops so humans can eat. They also designed one of nature’s toughest structures, the honeycomb, with impressive tensile strength to hold up to pressure. KCross borrows this styling from the bees to create a shoe with increased stability for your feet when lifting heavy weights. This brand also offers superior arch support through its power bridge design. 

$69.99 from Amazon

8. Reebok

If you want to be seen, opt for the bright red version of these best weightlifting shoes and make a stylish splash at the gym. The squish won’t come in the form of sweat, however, as the anti-friction lining Reebok uses wicks away sweat. The Powerbax TPU plate supports your feet without putting undue pressure on your arches. 

$70.82 from Amazon

9. Core 

With a non-slip EVA wedge and midsole strap, Core designed these weightlifting shoes to cradle your feet during tough lifts. Their lightweight design makes them useful for cross-training, letting you hop on the elliptical to get your cardio between sets. The elevated 1.2-inch sole promotes proper posture in the weight room. 

$79.90 from Amazon

10. Osterland 

For electrifying styling, look to Osterland. The microfiber and fabric uppers offer breathability while featuring a spotted design that showcases your style without showing dirt. The velcro strap wraps around your entire foot, providing stability while making these easy to take on and off, and anti-slip soles help you keep your grip. 

$79.99 from Amazon

11. Aleader 

Instead of training barefoot and exposing yourself to heaven-only-knows-what germs, opt for these minimalist best weightlifting shoes from Aleader. They resemble socks but consist of anti-slip rubber to prevent slips during heavy lifts. The wide toe box lets you spread out your feet and increase your stability. These shoes do double duty, taking you from the weight room to the studio, where they keep you from sliding off the mat during sweaty hot yoga sessions. 

$19.99 from Amazon 

Best Weightlifting Shoes 

Finding the best weightlifting shoes can significantly increase your performance. They prevent injury and provide stability during heavy lifting. The right pair can correct slight imbalances and deformities, making your workout more comfortable and effective. 

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