5 Cinnamon Tea Benefits You Can’t Ignore

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Author Name: Mia Barnes
Date: Friday January 19, 2024

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If you’re a tea aficionado, you likely know all the benefits each blend can provide. Still, cinnamon tea is often overlooked — but cinnamon has some of the greatest benefits of any food. These cinnamon tea benefits are so good that you can’t ignore them, as they can drastically improve your quality of life. Try a cup of cinnamon tea each day and note if you feel any better after a month. Likely, you’ll be able to thank the cinnamon for helping you feel healthier overall.

1. Reduces Inflammation

Whether you value decreasing inflammation for aesthetic or health purposes, you should feel relieved to know that one of the cinnamon tea benefits that is most exciting is that it can reduce your inflammation. Chronic inflammation can lead to conditions like cancer, type-2 diabetes and even some cardiovascular diseases, meaning you should try to manage your inflammation as best as possible. 

You can reduce your inflammation with less than half a teaspoon of cinnamon per day. You also should consume cinnamon in moderation, as too much of it can reduce liver function. It doesn’t take much to make your cinnamon tea effective, so you can also add other ingredients to the tea to create a blend of delicious flavors.

2. Eliminates Bacteria

Cinnamon might be one of the best spices to consume to defeat any detrimental bacteria. Cinnamon prevents the growth of bacteria in food, so you could even sprinkle it in your leftovers or bake with it. If you’re feeling under the weather, cinnamon tea might help more than you think. Additionally, cinnamon might even reduce your bad breath and prevent tooth decay, so it’s worth adding cinnamon tea to your daily diet.

3. Gets Rid of Menstrual Cramps

Cinnamon tea benefits include making life easier when you’re menstruating. Cinnamon can make your menstrual cramps more bearable. While it might not be as effective as pain-relieving medications, it can still help you out in a pinch. Because there are several foods you shouldn’t eat while you’re menstruating, such as dairy or processed foods, you could opt to include cinnamon tea in your diet during the week of your period, especially if you don’t drink it any other time.

4. Dose of Antioxidants

Antioxidants are typically found in fruit and vegetables and benefit your body in several ways, but you can get an extra dose of them by consuming some cinnamon. Antioxidants can keep you healthy by fighting off molecules that can damage your cells and are linked to conditions like heart disease and cancer. While you should watch how much cinnamon you eat, drinking cinnamon tea in addition to your daily servings of fruits and vegetables could help you feel overall healthier.

5. Reduces Blood Sugar

For those searching for an easier way to regulate their blood sugar, look no further than one of the best cinnamon tea benefits. Cinnamon can act similarly to insulin by lowering blood sugar levels naturally. It might also lower insulin resistance, which makes insulin even more effective. Cinnamon can also slow down the breakdown of carbohydrates, so your blood sugar levels don’t skyrocket after eating a meal. Cinnamon tea can be one of the best dietary supplements for someone with type-2 diabetes.

Look for Cinnamon Tea Benefits in Your Life

Even if you’re not a tea drinker, you can’t deny the cinnamon tea benefits you can feel after a while of drinking it. You can get supplemental cinnamon in other places, but cinnamon tea is one of the healthiest ways to consume cinnamon without any added sugar — which something like pumpkin pie would have. Though cinnamon tea might be an acquired taste, all you need to do is drink it to reap the benefits. Over time, you may start to like the taste of the tea, and you can enjoy it and every benefit it gives you.

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