Everyplate vs. HelloFresh

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Author Name: Mia Barnes
Date: Monday May 30, 2022

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A meal service is a must for families or individuals who don’t have time to plan all their meals out. Meal services can ensure you always have something nutritious to eat and don’t have to rely on junk food. Having a balanced diet that prioritizes vegetables and fruits can help you lose weight, but it can also improve your life in lesser-known ways, such as reducing your risks of cardiovascular diseases and giving you better health overall. Two of the most well-known food subscription services are HelloFresh and Everyplate. So, in the Everyplate vs. HelloFresh debate, which is the better company?

What They Have in Common

Both being meal services, HelloFresh and Everyplate have a lot in common. They both deliver quality ingredients to your doorstep with a frequency that depends on which subscription you choose. Before seeing it as Everyplate vs. HelloFresh, you must look at what they have in common to see if either meal subscription service fits your needs.

HelloFresh and Everyplate both have incentives for first-timers. They might offer you a special deal, like a flat fee or a percentage off your first order. These deals can make your first subscription box cheaper, so they might be worth the try to see which one you personally enjoy more. They also both include recipe cards that you can save to make the recipe on your own in the future, whether you’re using a meal subscription service or winging it on your own with groceries.

Another thing you might find interesting is that both are geared toward a family of any size. While the default and smallest size might be cooking for two people, you can still take advantage of these recipes and services if you live alone. Simply cook the recipe for two, then use it for both lunch and dinner that day. Both services share the only downside of the amount of plastic you’ll have to toss when unpacking your box. Still, it’s a small price to pay for fresh goodness.

How HelloFresh Shines

HelloFresh might be the most well-known meal subscription service. To some, the winner of the Everyplate vs. HelloFresh debate seems obvious, but depending on the household, that may not always be true. Still, HelloFresh provides greater diversity out of the two options. It offers several cuisine styles, like Mexican, Italian and Moroccan, which can jazz up mealtimes when you’re tired of the same thing repeatedly.

It caters to special diets, such as those who need to omit something from their meals or families who don’t have a lot of time to cook and need something quick and easy. HelloFresh has many different options with great add-ons that can keep your weekly meals new and exciting for weeks and months to come.

The more you pay for your HelloFresh order, the less you pay per serving. HelloFresh found that they are cheaper than a grocery store in the long run, as they give you precisely what you need without the risk of food waste. In this way, HelloFresh strives to be the most sustainable meal subscription service.

HelloFresh prioritizes sustainability and pulling food from responsible sources, making all packaging recyclable. Though it may have a lot of plastic packaging, your HelloFresh box will be easy to understand. Thankfully, the fresh ingredients are grouped for each recipe, so you don’t need to sort them yourself or wonder which item goes with which recipe. However, it does run on the more expensive side than Everyplate. It’s also typically more time-consuming to cook HelloFresh’s recipes, which might not be great for families on the go.

How Everyplate Shines

Everyplate is less well-known than HelloFresh, but all of its offers make it a strong contender in the Everyplate vs. HelloFresh battle. Its recipes tend to lean more on the family-friendly side, with ingredients that even the youngest members of your household will love to sample. Burgers and chicken are always a good plan when picky eaters are involved.

This meal subscription service is a bit more affordable than HelloFresh. Everyplate is cheaper per serving, starting at around $5 per meal. Of course, the additions or types of food you add can increase the price per serving. Still, starting at just $5 is a valuable money saver for many households.

It doesn’t make any major changes for special diets, but that’s to keep its prices low and affordable for a regular family. They still have different categories for regular plates with exquisite recipes, vegetarian meals that adhere to a vegetarian or possibly vegan lifestyle and family meals that lean toward appeasing children and encouraging them to eat a balanced meal. Of course, you can customize your vegetables and protein according to your household’s tastes.

The only downside to Everyplate is that the recipe doesn’t always organize the ingredients. It could be hard to tell which ingredients go with what night you plan on cooking. The packaging is the trickiest part to get over, but if you don’t mind taking the time to sort out your ingredients, you may prefer Everyplate.

Everyplate vs. Hello Fresh: Who Wins?

The unfortunate part of the Everyplate vs. HelloFresh debate is that there is no clear winner. Still, with the values they give first-time customers, you can try the services out for yourself and see which works better for your household. If you value staying within budget, you may opt for Everyplate. If your family prioritizes sustainability, HelloFresh might be a better recipient of your support. Whatever you choose, you’ll be sure to find value in either of these meal subscription services that can run you less than a week’s groceries.

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