How Much is Green Chef?

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Author Name: Lucas Cook
Date: Wednesday June 1, 2022

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Meal delivery services can save you time, money and peace of mind. If you’re tired of planning dinner every day, a delivery service can help you skip this stage. In just 30 minutes or less, you can have a delicious dinner that suits your lifestyle with no stress.  

Green Chef is one of many meal kit delivery services that aims to serve customers delicious food with simple recipes and quality ingredients. This company also highly values sustainability, sourcing organic ingredients and using recyclable packaging. Only one question remains for consumers – how much does Green Chef cost?  

How Green Chef Works

Green Chef offers customers options for three types of diets. These include a Balanced Living plan, a Keto + Paleo plan and a Plant-based meal selection. Orders range from two to four meals a week and meals serve two to six people. Each dietary plan offers nine recipe options that are different every week. 

Your order comes with ingredients, a recipe card and nutrition information. This company doesn’t cater to allergies, so you’ll need to look over the meals carefully and omit any ingredients you can’t eat. After delivery, most meals can be cooked and ready to eat in 30 minutes or less

Because delivery can happen within a 12-hour window, your food will arrive in an insulated box. You can update and change your order up to a week before the delivery date. Green Chef’s customer service is excellent and it’s easy to change or cancel your subscription anytime through their website or app. 

How Much is Green Chef? 

Because they source high-quality organic ingredients, Green Chef is pricier than many other meal delivery services. Pricing varies depending on the kind of meals you order – Plant-powered food is around $10–$12 a serving, Balanced Living comes in at $12 a serving and Keto + Paleo dishes cost $13 a serving. 

Meals are slightly discounted per serving if you order a larger number at once. For example, three Keto + Paleo meals serving six people cost $11.49 a serving instead of $13. The cheapest subscription plan includes three Plant-powered or Balanced Living meals for two people and costs $71.94 before shipping

If you’re feeding a large family, you can order four Plant-powered meals for six people for only $9.99 a serving – or a total of $239.76. The most expensive plan is four Keto + Paleo meals a week for six people, which costs $275.76. Shipping costs are an additional flat rate of $9.99 per box. 

Why Order Green Chef?

Green Chef’s cost per serving is likely high because they’re catering to an audience that values expensive organic ingredients. However, several online reviewers have pointed out that competitors like Sunbasket also deliver organic meals that are less expensive overall. 

If you’re on a specialty diet like Keto or Paleo and value organic ingredients, you should definitely give Green Chef a try. Reviewers say the food is delicious and the recipes are quick and easy to follow. Green Chef can make your life easier and add variety to your diet with their colorful, nutritious dishes.  

This company is also highly sustainable compared to many grocery stores and other delivery services. They have an entire page on their website dedicated to how you can recycle or reuse their shipping materials. They also offset their carbon emissions and plastic packaging by 100%. 

Eat Clean in Style

Green Chef delivers high-quality meals with organic ingredients that feed families of two, four and six. This meal service specifically caters to people on Keto, Paleo and vegetarian diets, although some meals in the Balanced Living plan do use animal products.  

As far as pricing goes, Green Chef is more expensive than many other meal delivery services. However, the cost may be worth it if you’re short on time or have trouble finding affordable organic food in your area. Green Chef is definitely worth a try for its delicious recipes and commitment to environmental care. 

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