Busy schedules and finding time to shop and cook can be challenging, especially after a long day. If you think meal kit delivery services would be the best option, you’re not alone.

Many people choose to pay for these services because of their convenience. Plus, they offer plenty of options for meal types, diets, flavors, quality and costs.

Yet, with all the meal delivery services, how do you know which one to choose? Below is a list of the best healthy meal delivery services to help you get started.

1. Hungryroot

Ever feel like you constantly strive to eat healthily? Yet, time is always of the essence and cooking a nutritional meal sounds too complicated.

That's why Hungryroot is one of the best healthy meal delivery services because it curbs your appetite with wholesome-tasting options.

The company calls itself a personalized grocery service because you get a hybrid of groceries and meal kits in your order.

The meal kits come with proteins, pre-chopped veggies, grains and sauces, which you can have ready within 10 minutes. However, the number of meals will depend on the plan you choose.

Additionally, you can fill your order with pantry items and snacks from various brands that satisfy your health food cravings.

If you choose Hungryroot’s meal kit and grocery service, the pricing starts at $70 per delivery with free shipping. You can also skip deliveries and cancel anytime.

2. Sunbasket

This healthy meal delivery service is a popular choice among customers, offering all three healthful meals of the day. So you never have to wonder what’s for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

What you might like most about this company is the various organic recipes provided in the meals. From fresh produce to wild-caught seafood — you get everything you can imagine that your taste buds deserve.

Moreover, the company’s meals fit within numerous dietary patterns, and they take less than 30 minutes to prep.

Most customers rave about the taste of these meals. Plus, Sunbasket offers eco-friendly packaging, and you can easily skip orders when needed.

Sunbasket’s meals start at $11.49 per serving for meal kits and $9.99 per serving for Fresh & Ready meals.

3. Green Chef

Green Chef is for you if you care about where your food comes from. This healthy meal delivery service is the first USDA-certified organic meal kit company. The meal kits serve two to four people in around 30 minutes.

Most of their packaging is eco-friendly — and any plastic used is offset by their partnership with Plastic Bank. In addition, they’ve vetted their suppliers, ensuring sustainability and ethical practices.

Green Chef also offers various meal plans for different diets, such as keto, vegetarian, vegan and Paleo.

Prices at Green Chef start at $11.99 per serving. Plus, you have to pay shipping at $9.99.

4. HelloFresh

Do you love to cook? Like Blue Apron, HelloFresh gives you step-by-step, easy-to-follow recipes. From Saucy Pork Burrito Bowls to Chicken and Chili-Roasted Broccoli Salad — you get to choose the meals that fit you.

While HelloFresh does offer vegetarian plans, they don’t have plan options for other diets.

Their on-staff registered dietitian also evaluates each meal. Plus, most of their food is organic and comes in recyclable packaging.

HelloFresh’s meal plans are available in the Classic plan for two people. Or, you can choose the Family Plan, which feeds four people. Additionally, you can adjust your number of meals every week.

HelloFresh’s meal kits start at $7.99 per serving. Suppose you choose the Classic box with three meals for two people. The total will amount to $59.94 per week.

5. EveryPlate

EveryPlate was designed as an affordable, family-friendly alternative to the pricier meal kit services.

Upon signing up, you get to choose three to five meals every week — and each meal has two to four servings.

You can also choose from various meal plans, including ClassicPlate, EasyPlate, FamilyPlate and VeggiePlate.

The types of meals you can expect are Sweet and Spicy Ponzu Pork Meatballs, Pepper Jack ‘Shroom Quesadillas and Garlic Rosemary Chicken.

Many customers enjoy EveryPlate’s service as they receive fresh, quality ingredients on a budget.

You can expect to pay only $4.99 per serving — but shipping costs $9.99.

Choosing the Best Healthy Delivery Meal Services for You

Meal delivery kits offer a simple way to explore and taste new ingredients. Keep in mind that some services are better tasting and healthier than others. However, most meal delivery services benefit you with healthier eating habits.

Ensure you do your research to find the meal delivery service that fits your lifestyle, budget and dietary needs. This list above will help you choose the best healthy meal delivery service for your nutritional needs.