Everything You Need to Know About Triangle Hair

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Author Name: Beth Rush
Date: Wednesday August 17, 2022

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Sometimes, hair doesn’t cooperate the way you think it will. Some people like the look of angular hair, but others want to avoid it at all costs. Triangle hair, also known as “pyramid hair,” is a haircut that leaves your features looking very blunt and poorly shaped. Once you notice this “style,” it’s hard to get it out of your head. Luckily, you can implement a few techniques to squash this hairstyle once and for all.

What Does It Mean to Have Triangle Hair?

It’s as simple as it sounds: Triangle hair is when your head and hair look like a triangle. Triangle hair mostly affects people with curly hair, as curls are much harder to tame than straight locks. Curly hair is more prone to frizz, especially in the summertime. Even though it’s tamable without the help of several heating tools, it can still make your head look like a triangle. When your curls simply pile on top of one another, they stack into a pyramid shape. 

Even if your hair naturally falls into this triangle shape, you’ll find ways to fight against it, whether that’s styling your hair differently or opting for a cut you aren’t used to. People might think that using thinning shears is a great way to cut out the bulk of the triangle, but it also compromises the integrity of your curls. Some people choose to live with their pyramid hair, while others seek ways to destroy it permanently.

How to Avoid Triangle Hair

Triangle hair is unavoidable sometimes. Try as you might, you may not get your hair to lay right by styling it alone. Still, a haircut can’t solve every problem. Make sure that you’re styling your hair with appropriate products as you get out of the shower. Doing so will allow you to use the products you need — and maybe eliminate frizz contributing to the pyramid shape effect.

1. Add Layers

Probably the most common way of ridding yourself of triangle hair, getting layers ensures that your curls are not all one length and don’t feel the need to stack on top of each other. Layered hair often falls nicer and looks more intricate, so you should enjoy the transformation this cut can give you. Remember to pay attention to the length of the layers. Shorter layers will have your curls going upward, but they’re key to reducing the pyramid shape that comes with naturally curly hair.

2. Get a Dry Haircut

While dry haircuts aren’t always recommended, they can help you see if you like the cut faster, and you get to see it in the shape you’ll be used to every day, with minimal styling. Cutting with dry hair ensures that you are using low tension, so you’ll see the curls fall exactly as they would any other time. Plus, it gives you and the stylist a better idea of your natural hair shape and how you can alter it into something you’ll enjoy.

3. Trust Your Stylist

Especially if your stylist has curls of their own, you should trust them to steer you in the right direction with your curls. Very rarely are people comfortable with their natural pyramid hair, so your stylist should be trained to deal with an unwanted hairstyle. 

Your stylist has likely spent one or more years in a cosmetology program, training to deal with all hair types. After that, they practiced as a hairstylist and became an expert. Rely on their expertise to guide you toward a hairstyle and hair care routine that will minimize the pyramid shape.

Say Goodbye to Triangle Hair

Many people want to avoid triangle-shaped hair and the appearance of weight it carries. With the global hair care market worth over $90 billion, you may be tempted to try out a new product to get rid of the pyramid shape. 

However, the only way to get rid of unwanted triangle hair for good is to alter your haircut. If you’ve spent a long time growing out your curls, you may not want to cut them shorter, but layers can make all the difference, as can the expertise of a trusted stylist. Whatever the case, you should embrace your curls and love them — no matter their natural shape.

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