What to Do With Curly Hair After a Shower

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Author Name: Mia Barnes
Date: Friday June 17, 2022

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After getting out of the shower is a perfect time to style your hair. The water can help to control frizz. So, before heading out for the night, take a quick shower and give your hair a fresh updo. Here is what to do with curly hair after a shower.

1. Keep Your Hair Wet

After the shower, you want your hair to remain soaking wet. Even if you didn’t use shampoo that day, run it underwater. Damp hair absorbs products better since the moisture opens your hair follicles. You can also use a spray bottle to soak your hair, making sure to get the roots.  

2. Apply a Leave-in Conditioner 

While your hair is wet, it’s time to add some products. This is one of the crucial steps for what to do with curly hair after a shower. Adding in a leave-in conditioner gives your hair moisture and makes it appear soft and shiny. For thicker curls, separate them into sections. Then place a small amount of gel on your palm and spread it between both hands. Look for conditioners with lightweight hydrators, and moisture-locking oils. 

3. Rake the Gel Through Your Hair 

Start by spreading your fingers, so they act as a comb. Then rake your hair in a perpendicular direction to how it falls. Be sure to move your curls toward the ceiling. Make this motion all through your hair. Ensure you focus on the shafts and ends of your hair. You can brush the cream throughout your hair with a detangling comb. Then you can just leave it in without rinsing. 

4. Scrunch Your Curls

Have your head upside down and shape your fingers into a claw. Then cup your hair at the bottom and scoop it upward while squeezing your fingers. You’re probably doing it right if you hear a squishy sound and see water dripping. If not, you may need to add some more water or product. Start with dampening your hair first. 

5. Let Your Hair Dry 

This what to do with curly hair after a shower that you might forget. Letting your hair dry helps to keep your curls defined. Also, when you use the diffuser, the airflow hits the coils harder, maintaining their shape. Be patient and let the hair dry until it’s damp. Use the time to scroll through social media or catch up on work emails. Then diffuse your hair. 

6. Use a Diffuser 

Before getting started, add a heat-protecting spray to your hair. This can help prevent damage by creating a barrier between the heat and your hair. 

Then follow this process:

  • Place a section of hair into the diffuser.
  • Turn the device on a low setting.
  • Cup the diffuser around your hair and push it around to shape the curls.
  • Start with the ends of your hair and move toward the roots .
  • Flip your head upside down to get hard-to-reach spots.

7. Find the Right Hairstyle

Once your hair looks nice and shiny, it’s time to complete the look. There are many fun styles you can try with curly hair. Choose one that matches your personality and complements the theme of your event. Suppose you don’t have any products on hand. Try combing your hair from the bottom up instead. 

Here are a few easy updo ideas to get you started:

  • Braided Bun
  • Hair up with ringlets 
  • Twisted low bun
  • Half-up, half-down 
  • Side ponytail 

Tips for Showering With Curly Hair

When you style your hair after the shower, it maintains your beautiful curls. However, the prep work can even start before then. Here are a few tips for showering with curly hair. 

1. Use a Conditioning Wash

After you clean your hair, use a conditioning wash. Using this product instead of shampooing can prevent the build-up of harsh ingredients. Gently massage the gel into your scalp. These products provide moisture without stripping away natural oils. They also work for most hair types, even fine strands. Try to stay away from creams containing sulfates, silicones and parabens.

2. Go for a Cleansing Cream

This can save you time in the morning instead of washing with a shampoo and conditioner. It can provide extra moisture. It also works better than a two-in-one shampoo and conditioner. The product gives your hair nourishment in one simple step. That way, you have plenty of time to eat a good breakfast and head out on time. 

3. Find a Deep Conditioner 

Cleanse and condition your hair before rinsing if you have more defined curls. Apply small amounts of conditioner to each section of your hair. Work the cream through your hair with tension. When you’re done, end your shower with a cool rinse. It will help to provide maximum definition and maintain curls. 

4. Brush Out Curls in the Shower 

While you’re in the shower, take time to detangle your curls. The water can help control any frizz. Also, use a moisturizing conditioner to strengthen and control volume. Try to use a wide-tooth comb to brush out curls. After that, rinse your hair and pat dry with a towel. This will help provide beautiful ringlets. 

5. Remember to Moisturize 

Curly hair can be drier, so use a moisture-rich shampoo. Also, ensure you rinse the shampoo to prevent build-up on your scalp. After, apply conditioner and comb it through your hair. Once it sets in, rinse it out. This process can also help keep your hair less detangled and soft. 

Tips for What to Do With Curly Hair After a Shower

Taking care of your hair keeps it looking fresh. So, having a beauty routine is critical. So, if you have curly hair, follow these steps for what to do with curly hair after a shower. 

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