How to Get Curls Back After Bleaching

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Author Name: Mia Barnes
Date: Monday July 4, 2022

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It’s fun to change your look every once in a while, so you may have bleached your hair for red or blonde curls. Many people don’t realize that even one bleach treatment can leave you with straighter hair that often has static or feels stretchy. This guide explains how to get curls back after bleaching if you prefer your previous natural look.

1. Start With the Right Shampoo

Check out the ingredient list on your current shampoo bottle. It likely contains sulfates. Sulfates are an essential ingredient that strips dirt and oil from your hair, but that’s the opposite of what you’ll want when getting your curls back after bleaching.

Opt for a sulfate-free shampoo while your hair grows back out. You’ll avoid any unnecessary oil removal that will otherwise naturally moisturize each lock.

2. Use a Deep Conditioner

Deep conditioners often come as a thick paste that powerfully hydrates your hair. The ingredients nourish each strand of hair on a cellular level, providing relief for dry, limp curls. 

You can use a deep conditioner to help your hair recover after bleaching. If you feel pressed for time, you could work a leave-in conditioner into your hair before styling it under a silk scarf to protect your curls while you sleep.

3. Schedule Time for Hair Masks

Repairing or conditioning hair masks are an excellent weekly addition to hair care routines. They’ll give an extra hydration boost to your curls in between showers. You’ll speed up the healing process and get your curls back to normal faster, especially if you scrunch your hair with gel afterward to help it regain its curl.

4. Lock Curls With a Lightweight Oil

Hydrating conditioners, masks and other products provide moisture during their application, but your hair may dry out during the rest of your daily routine. Outdoor heat, wind and other environmental factors won’t stand a chance against a lightweight hair oil.

Apply the oil in the morning to trap any lingering moisture from your nightly hair products or previous shower. You’ll improve the texture of your curls and experience faster curl recovery because your hair will retain moisture effectively.

5. Get Frequent Professional Haircuts

Scheduling haircuts every few weeks allows your curls to benefit from frequent trims. A professional stylist will remove your split ends, leaving more cellular energy for the constant growth of healthy strands.

They may also recommend a better bleaching plan that won’t damage your hair if you want to return to your bleached look in the future. Ask for a stylist’s professional opinion during your next appointment to find out what services they offer.

Between haircuts, it’s best to avoid straighteners or other heated styling tools. Shocking your curls with intense heat will fry the strands you’re working so hard to moisturize. If you need to use a heated tool, apply a heat protectant spray and deep condition your strands for extra protection.

Get Your Curls Back After Bleaching

Anyone can learn how to get curls back after bleaching if they know which products to use and which steps to avoid. Heat tools will set your hair healing back, while conditioning masks and daily oils will speed daily growth. Consider what you’ll add to your hair care routine to figure out the best path forward for your curls.

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