How to Use Hair Gel for Curly Hair

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Author Name: Mia Barnes
Date: Thursday June 9, 2022

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Your luscious curls add to your beauty and give you a unique look. However, sometimes you need products to control them. Hair gel is one element to add to your beauty routine. Here’s how to use hair gel for curly hair. 

Why Use Gel

Hair gel can help prevent frizzy hair. Loose strands can make it harder to style your hair and impact your overall look. Another benefit of the product is it helps to define and hold your curls. That way, your hair doesn’t become flat throughout the day. Plus, gel allows your hair to retain more moisture so it looks and feels refreshed. 

Steps for Using the Gel

With all its benefits, here is the process to follow for how to use hair gel for curly hair.

1. Wet Your Hair

Before applying the gel, make sure your hair is wet. You can run it under the sink or use the product right after a shower. If your hair is soaking wet, use ​​a towel to scrunch the curls and remove any excess water. 

You can even add this process to your morning routine. If your hair is too dry, it impacts the effectiveness of the cream and gives your hair a “crunchy” look. Suppose your hair dries quicker; keep a spray bottle of water on hand. Then apply the liquid one section at a time. 

2. Test the Product First

Make sure the moisturizer works before using it all over your head. You want it to mix with the rest of your styling cosmetics. To check effectiveness , combine your conditioner and gel on the palm of your hand. 

If this blends smoothly and evenly, then they work well together. However, suppose the mixture is clumpy or separated. Then you might need a different product combination. When shopping, look for leave-in conditioners with a creamy texture and natural oils. 

3. Apply the Gel

The next step for using hair gel for curly hair is adding the product. Place a quarter-size drop in your hand and rub the cream between your palms. Then apply it to the ends of your hair. Gently scrunch up your hair into the curls and evenly distribute the gel. 

Smooth down your hair with open palms to cover the whole surface. Suppose you need to create more consistency. Coat your hands with the gel and press them between your hair, sliding your hands down your hair. 

4. Wait for Your Hair to Dry

After the gel is in, let your hair dry before moving on to the next step. You can let your hair dry naturally. Consider doing other important tasks like brushing your teeth.

If you’re in a hurry, use a diffuser to speed up the process. Allowing your hair to dry forms a hard surface around your hair, so the curls stay in place. This also helps your cuticle lie flat to create a smooth shine. 

5. Scrunch Your Curls

This is one of the final steps when using hair gel for curly hair. Take your hands and scrunch out the curls to release the soft hair. You can also use a diffuser on medium heat to warm up your hair. You can even use a t-shirt to help aid in the scrunching process. Consider also using a small amount of oil, like Vitamin E, to keep your hair healthy. 

Here are the steps for adequately scrunching your curls:

1. Ensure your hair is completely dry. 

2. Gently combine curls into sections and squeeze upwards. 

3. Continue this cupping motion until all the “crunch” has gone, and your curls feel soft. Flip your hair from side-to-side to ensure complete coverage. 

Finish off the process with a model hair flip. Run your fingers through your scalp and shake your head. This will release hair at the root and give you more volume. 

How to Retain Your Curls 

Once your hair is nicely shaped, you want it to stay that way during the day. Here are a few tips to keep that beautiful bouncy appearance. 

Consider Your Showering Habits

Wait for a few days to curl your hair after showering. Right after a shower, your curls might be too loose or soft to style. This may then cause them to lose shape easily. So, give your hair time to build up natural oils that help hold your curls in place. Another tip is to skip the conditioner, further softening your hair. Instead, use a dry shampoo. 

Buy Quality Products 

Low-quality products can damage your hair, making it less vibrant. Plus, higher-quality items last longer. Look for good curling irons made from tourmaline, ceramic or titanium. These materials do less damage to your hair than metal. They also heat up quickly, so you don’t waste time curling. This reduces the amount of time your hair is in contact with the heat, minimizing damage. 

Cool Your Air After Curling

Giving your hair time to cool will make the curls last longer. After you curl your hair, pin them with a clip or bobby pin to hold its shape. After unclipping, give yourself a few more minutes before brushing. 

Tips for How to Use Hair Gel for Curly Hair

Styling curly hair can sometimes be tricky. Using hair gel can prevent frizz and keep your hair looking bouncy. So, follow these steps for ​​how to use hair gel for curly hair the right way. 


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