How to Grow Out Bangs — Tips and Hairstyle Inspiration

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Author Name: Beth Rush
Date: Monday August 3, 2020

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When you first got your bangs, it was likely a big deal. You may have wanted them for a long time and decided to make the big chop. Maybe you got them to celebrate a big promotion or to get a fresh start after a breakup.

However, even the most dramatic cuts can get old after a while. People go through these phases all the time, and learning some tips and rocking some fun hairstyles while growing out bangs is key in getting to the next step. Here’s how you can enjoy every look along the way.

How to Grow Out Bangs

The more your hair starts to grow, the more you may struggle with exactly what to do with it, so it’s important to be prepared early on. While much of the process is truly a waiting game, there are some tips and ideas that can make your life a little easier. Your bang situation may not feel exactly normal, but you don’t have to simply let them flop in your face until they’re all grown out. 

1. Change up Your Shape

While it might be easy to pull them to the side and call it a day, that’s no fun for your style or your hair’s health. Keeping your hair consistently in one position can damage your bangs and prevent them from growing out as quickly. Changing up your shape regularly can help you feel a bit more refreshed and keep your hair healthy. Try parting them differently by rotating through a few favorite styles on the regular.

2. Use Accessories

Hair clips, headbands, ribbons, and barrettes are about to become your best friend. When your hair gets to a bit of an awkward length, the best thing for you can be to get it out of your face. What do you do when your bangs are too short to tuck behind the ears but not short enough to stay put? Clips and accessories can keep things locked down tight without much fuss — perfect for those days where you’d rather not spend all morning on your hair.

3. Lay Off the Heat

It may be tempting to flat iron or curl your bangs every day to help them blend and cooperate, and while this is fine every once in a while, using too much heat can damage your hair. Those hairs are sensitive, and caring for them properly is the best way to ensure they grow out healthy.

4. Trim Them Regularly

As your hair starts to grow out, it uses all its energy to tend to the healthy strands. With time, those strands will form split ends and waste energy that could lengthen your bangs.

If you schedule regular trims with your usual stylist, they’ll get rid of the split ends so your hair cells can focus on growing. It saves you time and helps you look your best through the weeks and months it could take to blend your bangs into layers.

5. Eat the Right Food

You might try to make good choices with your diet because you have specific goals for your health, but what you eat changes your hair growth. It depends on the ingredients and nutrients in your meals.

You may choose to eat more eggs, which provide lots of biotin and strengthens your hair. You could also enjoy iron-rich spinach in your salads and sandwiches. Studies have shown that iron increases natural hair growth, even in people who are actively experiencing loss.

Before you go to the grocery store, read about foods and hair growth to ensure your diet will help your bangs grow out faster.

6. Use Deep Conditioners

If strands break off, it takes longer for them to regrow and reach the same length again. Therefore, you should use deep conditioners to hydrate your hair. Healthy hair can spend every minute growing, and you won’t have to worry about it breaking off.

Have fun with this part if you decide to experiment with products. Try different brands and methods, like conditioning masks and lotions. You may find something that changes your beauty routine in new ways you wouldn’t have expected.

5 Creative Hairstyles for Growing Out Bangs

There are so many cute hairstyles for growing out bangs. While your path might depend on your personal style and hair type, there are plenty of directions to choose from. You’ll basically never get bored.

1. Embrace the Side Part

It’s noticeable when your bangs grow out longer than a quarter-inch, so if they disrupt your field of vision, embrace the side part. Figure out where your hair naturally parts on its own and angle your bangs to either side of it. It may be a bit of a throwback style, but it’ll look and feel much better than long strands hanging directly over your eyes.

2. Messy Fringe

If you don’t mind a bit of extra shag in your eye line from time to time, experimenting with a messy fringe could be the perfectly effortless style you’re looking for. Hitting them with a quick blow dry on cold and even using a tiny bit of product can help you find that tousled look.

3. Long and Retro

You can go vintage with a parted ’70s bang if you’re on the hunt for something slightly different. This style is perfect for your fringe as it gets a little bit longer. Parting your bangs down the middle of your hair with a center part and letting them frame your face is both flattering and simple. You can blow them dry or curl them with rollers to get that true retro flair that lasts all day long.

4. Curly Bangs

This one is perfect for those with naturally curly hair already. If you’re used to straightening your bangs or going heavy on the product, why bother with the hassle? Letting them scrunch to their natural curl can shorten them out of your face and give you a unique look as they grow out.

If your hair isn’t naturally curly, the same principles apply, and you can still try out cute growing out bangs hairstyles. Sleeping with miniature rollers in or scrunching your hair with product can create a bouncy, curled effect that keeps your fringe out of your face. Curls often tend to look different from day to day, so this is a look you’ll seldom get tired of. 

5. Pull Them Back

If you’re not into the side part and just want your bangs out of your face, there’s another option you can use. There are tons of ways to pull your hair back with headbands and bobby pins. You can change the style depending on your outfit or what you want to look like that day.

Before you start looking at updo inspiration, make sure you know each style is safe for your hair. Sometimes accessories can damage your hair, like using hair ties for long periods. Crimping or breaking your hair will only make you wait longer for your bangs to become a thing of the past.

Look to the Stars

If you’re on the hunt for some inspiration, there are plenty of celebrities who have perfected the look of growing out their bangs. Celebrities tend to have a whole beauty team behind them, so they can rock the most innovative, effective styles — but so can you. Just take a few notes from your favorites. 

Mica Argañaraz does the messy fringe look like a total champ, and Taylor Swift is no stranger to the side sweep. Look to your favorite celebrities to see if they’ve ever had to grow out bangs and pay attention to how they did it. 

Play the Long Game

You can eat specific foods, use conditioner, and change how you style your hair. Still, even with all these tips, you have to play the long game. Bangs can take months to grow out, depending on the length you want for your final look.

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