How to Mix Braids and Curly Hair

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Author Name: Mia Barnes
Date: Tuesday July 19, 2022

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Curly hair provides a texture that can enhance any hairstyle. Braids are a common and simple updo. Here are a few tips for mixing braids and curly hair for a stunning look. 

1. Try a Braided Ponytail

This hairstyle is perfect for a warmer summer day. It’s also an updo you can do quickly if you’re in a rush. If you want to elevate the look, do a fishtail braid. You want to start with unwashed hair, which is easier to grip and style. Also, consider using hairspray to keep frizzies under control. This is especially important if it’s humid out. 

2. Add in a Silk Scarf

You can enhance a simple braid with a scarf. Place a silk scarf through one side of the braid. Then twist it around the bun and tie it with a bow. You can even choose colors that complement your outfit. Another idea is to pick scarves with your favorite hues to show off your personality. Also, add texturizing spray to your hair to keep the texture soft and fuzzy.

3. Spice up Your Pigtails 

Braids and curly hair go well with pigtails. You can give this classic look a more polished appearance. This is also an effortless style for when you just rolled out of bed. Pigtails also give you a more youthful appearance, especially when working with kids. Just make sure to run some smoothing cream through the roots to the tips of your hair. This can help make the frizzes easier to control. Also, try using spiral hair ties or satin scrunchies, which are better for curly hair. 

4. Go for a Loose Braid

A loose braid can be a great alternative to a classic low ponytail. It gives off a romantic and effortless vibe. So, it’s perfect for a casual date night. Keep in mind having stray layers makes the style look more natural. Therefore, you don’t need to strive for perfection. Start with tighter curls since you can always loosen them later. 

5. Add Elegance With a Slicked Back Braid

Suppose it’s a humid day; this smooth, slicked-back braid can reduce frizz. It’s also perfect for a more active event. Comb a high-shine gel through your damp hair. Apply a dollop of gel and run it between your palms. To get an extra bouncy appearance, apply it to the ends of your hair, scrunching lightly up into the curls. Then tie your hair into a ponytail and braid both ends. 

6. Mix It Up With Side-Part Box Braids

This is a creative way to mix braids and curly hair. The side part elevated traditional box braids. Keep your loose pieces down with a non-flake edge-control gel. Then use scalp oil to reduce irritation and dryness. Before styling your hair, add moisturizing shampoo followed by a deep conditioner. Then section your hair and split the parts into three pieces to braid. 

7. Go Back in Time With a 90’s-Inspired Curly Braid

This style uses smaller and fewer braided sections. It can bring you back in time. It’s also a super easy style, using tendril braids. These are two strands of braids on either side of your face. Add colorful hair ties or fancy clips to make the updo more fun. This is a growing trend even among celebrities, such as Bella Hadid. 

8. Look Like a Princess With a Curly Crown Braid

A curly crown braid can provide a unique look that appears effortless. Start the braid above your ears and form it into a ponytail. Then secure the braid with a hair tie and add a fancy clip to elevate it. Your curls can also give the crown extra texture for a stunning look. This is perfect for a fancier event or romantic night. Add in some flowers for a more free-spirited style. 

9. Go for a Double-Braided Curly Part

This is a simple style if you want to avoid true braids. Make two tight braids along either side of your part. You can then wear the curls loose and tie the upper half into a quick topknot. This hairstyle is perfect for a casual outing, such as going to the park. 

10. Try an Undone Curly-Wavy Braid

This look is the ideal “I-woke-up-like-this” hairstyle. It combines combed-out curls with a french braid. The wavy braid provides a beautiful laid back appearance. You can also do this hairstyle quickly, with fewer additional products. The other bonus is the loose curls, which won’t irritate your hair throughout the day.  

11. Create a Unique Look With Mini Cornrows 

This look can help tame wild and curly hair. These braids are tight, small and close to your scalp. They are also low-maintenance and last longer. Plus, they’re an excellent style to keep the summer heat off your back. You may want to have a professional do this hairstyle. If the braids are too tight, they can damage your hair. Smaller cornrows can be more expensive since they require more time and skill. 

12. Half-Up, Half-Down Braid

This simple hairstyle is quick and easy. It also showcases your curls nicely. The updo also keeps your curls away from your forehead and out of your face. Pull the top of your hair into a braid and let the rest hang naturally. It’s a beautiful updo that can control loose strands around your face. 

The Different Styles of Braids and Curly Hair

There are many fun ways to create a braided look. Having curly hair can add texture to your braids. So, consider these ways to mix braids and curly hair for your next night out. 

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