5 Best Curly Hair Ties That Won’t Get Stuck

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Author Name: Mia Barnes
Date: Monday July 11, 2022

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Some of us are born with sleek, straight locks, while others are blessed with the volume and bounce of curly hair. Depending on who you ask, curly hair, in particular, might be the root cause of several people’s beauty frustrations. 

Scientists don’t entirely understand curly hair — however, they do suggest race is a possible factor in hair shape dynamics. For example, genotyping has shown that 94.9% of African hair shape is curly, while curly hair is typical among 12.7% and 12% of European and Asian populations, respectively.

Nevertheless, more research is necessary to understand curls on the follicular level — whether related to your hair’s natural growth angle, hormonal changes, keratin protein buildup or medicinal influences. 

Those with curly hair must find products and accessories that help tame their manes. Hair ties can be especially problematic for women with curls and typically get caught within kinks and knots. Luckily, these five hair ties were practically made for your curly hair.

1. Spiral Hair Ties

Regular hair ties can damage your strands and tangle them up, especially if you have tight curls. Instead, opt for spiral hair ties with coils that fit your natural hair shape, preventing damage, pulling and breakage even when removing them.

Spiral hair ties are also suitable for sports or other physical activities and have excellent elasticity for comfortable wear. Depending on how tight or short your curly hair is, spiral hair ties may not have the most substantial grip for prolonged use, requiring you to tie your hair up repeatedly.

2. Satin Scrunchies

In the past decade, scrunchies — made famous in the 1980s and 1990s — have become the ultimate revival fashion trend. They’re also an excellent option for curly-haired women looking to fasten their hair up. 

Scrunchies come in various styles, colors, patterns, materials and sizes, ensuring you have something that’ll match every outfit and occasion imaginable. You can also toss them in the washing machine after a workout.

Silk satin scrunchies can hold your hair back without snagging or pulling too hard on your curly strands. The wider, softer fabric makes satin scrunchies effortlessly wearable and removable. You can also use three to protect shorter curls in a modified pineapple while you’re sleeping.

If there’s any downside to be mindful of, it’s the fact that scrunchies aren’t always the most elastic. You may not be able to loop them around more than twice. 

3. Snap Hair Ties

Fragile, coiled curls require a gentler hair tie with painless, long-lasting comfort for an updo that stays in place. Snap hair ties conveniently snap on and off and naturally acclimate to your hair’s thickness and curl shape. They’re also incredibly versatile, allowing you to style your hair in diverse styles. 

Even the thickest, most voluminous curls are easy to maintain with a simple snap tie. Unlike traditional hair accessories, these snap curly hair ties won’t tangle and stick in your curls.

4. Drawstring Ties

Anyone with curly hair agrees on how difficult it is to slip the hair through a regular tie without knotting. Thankfully, drawstring hair accessories are an excellent solution for styling dense curls.

The contemporary rope design usually has a bead or clasp to extend the drawstring around even the thickest strands. This allows you to slide the clip for a tighter or looser hold.

The material itself is highly durable, and its elasticity ensures you can extend the loop around all your hair for a stronger, pain-free grip. To remove the drawstring hair tie, you must loosen the bead or clasp by sliding it forward.

5. Large Seamless Hair Ties

With regular hair ties, you’ll likely only be able to loop them around your hair once or twice. However, a large seamless band will deliver the support, flexibility and non-slip grip you need to wrap the tie around your hair up to three times. 

Ensure the large hair ties you purchase are made from softer materials, such as cotton to prevent breakage. Additionally, the seamless element will ensure the hair tie won’t snap when you wear it, even during the most rigorous activities.

Large hair ties like these usually come in various colors and sizes for extra-dense curls.

Style Made Easy With the Right Curly Hair Ties

It’s possible to rock the latest hair trends if you own the correct curly hair ties. Protect and contain your hair with accessories that support, grip and deliver a long-lasting hold without pulling or damaging your strands.

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