How to Overcome Fear of Public Speaking

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Author Name: Lucas Cook
Date: Tuesday February 21, 2023

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Speaking in front of others or a crowd can be anxiety-inducing to some people. It can be an intense fear and panic or slight nervousness. The fear can be so overbearing that you may experience shaking and go to extreme lengths to avoid the situation. With certain strategies and techniques, you will learn how to overcome the fear of public speaking. 

Know Your Topic

Knowing the ins and outs of your topic makes you more likely to stay on track and feel prepared. Any questions or mistakes can be easily answered and corrected. If you get lost in your presentations, this is an excellent way to get back on track. 

Knowing your topic can help your thoughts say organized. You can plan how you want to present your information and add any visuals, props or audio to keep your plan moving smoothly. The more organized you are, the better your presentation will flow. Knowing your topic and having a plan to execute it will be the most significant help to ease fears. 

Practice and Visualize 

Once you know your topic and plan out how it will work, it is time to practice. Start by practicing your whole presentation several times alone until you find your routine. Then try to do it in front of a mirror, other people or record yourself. You can ask others for tips and suggestions for improvement. 

Visualize yourself doing the presentation and envision it going well. Positive thinking can help combat your negative thoughts and anxiety. When you picture yourself crushing your presentation, you can show up with more confidence. 

Focus On Material

You may be worried about the audience and how they perceive you when you are presenting. People are more focused on the new information they get than how it is delivered. Your audience is there to listen to you. They are likely routing for you in their heads if they sense any nervousness.  

You may lose track of what you’re saying and feel nervous in a moment of silence. In reality, the moment of silence is probably only and few seconds and allows people to process things you have said. Even if it is longer, it could feel like a pause for effect while you gather yourself.  

Get Support 

If you can’t overcome your fear with these techniques alone, try joining a support group for people that have trouble public speaking. There are people out there looking to help you with training in leadership and speaking skills. 

There may even be techniques to help you, such as deep breathing. It can be very calming and relax you before you step out and make your presentation. After you do your presentation, be sure to recognize your success or note areas you would like to improve on. Although it may not be perfect, you get an opportunity to improve. 

The Bottom Line

Nervousness and anxiety are common in some situations. When it becomes overbearing and controlling your life, that is when you need to take action. Follow these tips on how to get over the fear of public speaking. 

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