Human Design Generators: How My Health Improved When I Started Honoring What I Desire

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Author Name: Beth Rush
Date: Monday April 1, 2024

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I always believed in astrology and tarot, often pulling up charts to learn about my personality and compatibility with crushes. However, there was plenty I didn’t understand about myself — for instance, why frustration would creep in during my ruts or why I constantly made poor decisions. 

There was a time when I felt stuck and overworked as an office assistant at a community college. My desire to pursue something much bigger and more fulfilling was put on the back burner as I spent days tending to my bosses’ needs with little sleep.

Ironically, my saving grace was losing my job during the COVID-19 pandemic. Otherwise, I wonder if I’d ever leave. During this time, I stumbled upon the Human Design system and quickly pulled up my chart. I learned I fit the mold of Human Design Generators and everything started falling into place.

It wasn’t like I was entirely shocked by the results. In fact, I was aware of most things it said about my life. However, what became suddenly clear were my motivations and reasoning in decision-making. If you aren’t aligned with your Human Design chart, you might feel like you’ve ventured off the beaten path — which I did. 

Once I began honoring my innate Generator energy, life got better from the inside out. Here is how aligning my desires to Human Design Generators improved my health.

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What Is the Human Design?

Alan Krakower — under the pen name Ra Uru Hu — published a book on Human Design in 1992. The system drew inspiration from ancient and modern teachings, such as I Ching, Hindu chakras, astrology, Meyers-Briggs and the Kabbalah, to generate awareness of one’s purpose, associations, career and growth.

While astrology examines where the planets aligned when you were born, the Human Design delivers a body blueprint of your energetic centers.

Your Human Design breaks down your reasoning, communication and interactions. You also learn to pay closer attention to your body’s messages, how to go with your instinct, discover and embrace your strengths and live a more fulfilling and authentic life.

Like astrological charts, you must have your exact birth date, time and location to determine if you are a Generator, Manifestor, Manifesting Generator, Projector or Reflector. Remember, Human Design is strictly the insight into who you are as a person. You should only apply what you learn as you see fit.

Human Design Generators: The World’s Energy Life Force

Human Design Generators are movers and shakers. Accounting for 70% of the population, Generators are known as builders, creators and workhorses — the sole Human Design type able to make the world go round. 

Generators know how to attain life satisfaction when aligned with their energy centers. Their approach is to wait for things to happen and respond accordingly — meaning they exude patience and rely on their intuition and sensations when making big, life-altering decisions.

Other distinctive characteristics of Generators like myself include the following:

  • Persistent mental and physical stamina
  • Infectious optimism and an ability to inspire others 
  • Devotion to meaningful tasks they are passionate about
  • Preference for hands-on learning
  • Continued determination after seeing progress and achievement
  • Appreciate recognition for their hard work and accomplishments
  • Rely heavily on their gut instincts

The only way to step into your potential as a Generator is to nurture your energy and do what you love. This means you must find a career you enjoy and a supportive community to share your unique talents and gifts. At the same time, you must set aside time to recharge your batteries, which may quickly get depleted.

One of the more eye-opening distinctions I learned about myself as a Generator was my not-self theme — frustration. The not-self indicates you’re doing life all wrong — and it made sense. Anger, bitterness and irritability often come up when I feel stuck and overwhelmed.

Not listening to my gut also leads me to make the wrong choices, adding to my frustrations and moodiness. 

Decoding My Generator Blueprint

And so my journey to unlocking my happiness began. Armed with an awareness of my energy channels, I could let go of things no longer serving me and return to my most genuine self.

There is something liberating about a significant life transformation as you learn to listen to the sacral center. In some ways, embracing being a Generator gave me a sense of coming home. However, there have been plenty of challenges along the way.

Embodying your Human Design means you must cast aside past behaviors and beliefs. It’s hard work, but addressing them is growth and the key to living well on this Earth.

Generators are designed to develop relationships, connect, communicate and ooze authenticity. Life should ultimately be an enriching experience. You want to feel invigorated by whatever it is you do.  

I needed a long, hard look in the mirror before surrendering to the fact I wasn’t energized by my work as an assistant. I had too many incredible superpowers to unleash on the world. I was just too overworked and exhausted to do anything about it. 

Energy management was foreign to me. My body was telling me it needed to rest and I wasn’t giving it the time. Something had to give.

Albeit a difficult couple of years, the pandemic was my first real indication of how the Human Design system worked. Rather than force a different situation on myself — like the daunting task of finding a new job — I was suddenly aligned with the natural flow of life. As an unemployed person, things began moving in my direction and I now had my instinct to guide me.

Why Must Generators Honor Their Desires?

Of course, you should look for a new career opportunity if you’re unfulfilled in your current position or hope to move up professionally. At its core, this is what being a Generator is all about. However, timing is everything and taking life as it came helped me carve the right path.

There’s a reason why Human Design Generators must honor their desires. For one thing, going after your life’s purpose and doing what you love makes you come alive. You are also your most passionate, creative and productive self when fully immersed in things you enjoy.

Genuine pleasure then trickles into other parts of your life. You walk around with a golden aura, attracting those aligned with your energy. You feel more supported and content within your relationships.

Honoring your desires is one step closer to you living out your fullest potential — to understanding the meaning of your life and why you are here.

I remember when I wasn’t honoring my desires as a Generator. I felt sluggish and uninspired. My relationships were unhealthy and disconnected, even with people I had known my entire life. Worst of all, not having a clear sense of my purpose left me depressed, like I was simply wandering the Earth.

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How I Honored My Desires and Improved My Health

Embodying what it means to be one of the Human Design Generators didn’t happen overnight. I had to work on different areas of my life one day at a time before reaching a point of contentment. However, once I arrived, I realized I had gained much more regarding my health. Here are six ways honoring my desires within my Human Design did wonders for the mind, body and soul. 

  1. Followed My Gut

I knew I had outgrown my position as an office assistant when I no longer felt challenged and stimulated. Naturally, I wondered what was next after being out of a job. Little did I know I needed this time to re-evaluate my life and what I wanted to do with my life. 

Figuring out the “next best thing” is a practice of trust and patience. You must listen to and trust the sacral center — your gut instinct — and surrender to the subliminal messages you receive from the inside. 

Your instinct reaches you through a-ha moments, chills, a sensation of right or wrong or recurring thoughts. These wisdoms are loud enough for you alone to hear. 

Once I began listening to my gut instinct, I could make better choices for my life, including decisions about my career, relationships and health.  

  1. Overhauled My Diet and Exercise Routine

My good feelings from honoring my desires inspired me to make restorative lifestyle changes. My body has allowed me to do and achieve all the great things I’ve experienced thus far — why not give it the loving attention it deserves?

Improving digestion by eating cleaner foods only happened when I was aligned with my Human Design. However, instead of a restrictive diet plan, I just started making healthier choices. For example, consuming foods high in antioxidants was essential for a mood boost. 

I also began walking for an hour several times a week. It became an effective way to clear my head and welcome more important thoughts, ideas, dreams and clarity.

  1. Practiced Mindfulness

I dabbled with meditation and mindfulness before learning I was a Generator, but I never fully understood its benefits until I stepped into alignment with my Human Design.

Working a dead-end job is stressful, especially not knowing your life purpose. Stress can cause other ailments, too, such as headaches, fatigue, stomach aches, chest tightness, insomnia, weakened immunity and higher cortisol levels. Cortisol — the stress hormone — may encourage you to make poor decisions and overeat. 

Doing what you love automatically reduces stress and allows you space to grow awareness and appreciate the present moment. I now consciously practice gratitude for my life every day, which gives me perspective.

  1. Learned How to Rest

Generators forget to care for their energy centers — I’m no exception. I have a knack for bringing myself to the brink of exhaustion and burnout. A part of honoring my desires included giving myself time to recuperate.

I now look forward to self-care, which I have seamlessly integrated into my daily routine. Nourishing your soul, body, heart and mind is showering yourself with love and admiration.

Like most people, I have difficulty saying no without feeling guilty, but I’ve had to learn to embody it within my Human Design. We can’t be “on” at all times. Otherwise, we wind up overwhelmed and overworked again.

  1. Showed Myself Compassion

Like self-care, self-compassion is as much of a challenge for me. Yet, Generators must learn it for several reasons. For one thing, I feel especially drained when I find little enjoyment in what I’m doing or am riding my emotions. Also, despite being resourceful and inventive, I have a knack for self-criticism — which sometimes leads to depression.

Self-compassion has entailed celebrating the many gifts I contribute to the world and forgiving myself for past mistakes. I have also learned not to tear myself down when I’m not in the most positive frame of mind. 

Part of my self-compassion routine is repeating affirmations for compassion to rebalance my chakra system. These could be phrases like “I love myself more every day” and “I trust and listen to my heart.” The more I say them, the more they become my truth. 

  1. Found My Community

One area of my life I hadn’t realized needed alignment was my relationships. Generators enjoy interacting with others. We tend to bring vitality and energy to all our relationships, whether with friends, family or romantic partners.

However, we do this by being our most authentic selves, including communicating well and responding to others openly and respectfully. The most enriching connections are with those who are supportive, trustworthy and understanding of our Human Design.

Studies demonstrate the importance of community for moving and healing through difficult times. Deepening my relationships with loved ones and fostering new connections have significantly improved my mental and emotional well-being. 

Generators Must Live Life to the Fullest

You find happiness by discovering your purpose on Earth and living with intention and meaning. Never settle for anything less than whatever fills your heart, body and soul with joy. Regardless of your Human Design, your best chance at greater health and well-being starts by honoring your desires. 

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