6 Iconic Friend Halloween Costumes

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Author Name: Mia Barnes
Date: Friday June 7, 2024

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Halloween is one of the best times of year! Getting to dress up with your friends and family is one of the most fun things you can do. So many Halloween costumes go in and out of style depending on what’s trending that year. 

Dressing up solo can be much easier than finding an outfit for you and a friend. Here are some friend Halloween costumes with iconic duo inspiration you can consider when dressing up with your best friend. 

1. Sanderson Sisters

The Sanderson sisters from “Hocus Pocus” is an excellent Halloween costume for friends! With the release of “Hocus Pocus 2,” these costumes will have everyone jealous of your style! Although the cast has three sister witches, you can pick and choose from Winifred, Sarah or Mary or find a third friend to complete the trio. 

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2. Bridgerton Cast

“Bridgerton” is a hit on Netflix that comes from a best-selling book series by Julia Quinn. The show and novels are set in the Regency era. The daring looks from these series will make remarkable and elegant costumes for you and your friends. 

You’ll wow everyone with the best friend Halloween costumes with puffy sleeves, white gloves and a high waistline. Dare to dress like a Bridgerton and be the best dressed at the ball! 

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3. Betty and Veronica

Betty and Veronica are best friends on another Netflix hit series, “Riverdale,” which derives from Archie Comics. These are relatively simple to put together. All you need is a couple of cheerleading costumes or some blue shorts, a white and yellow baseball tee and some tall socks to resemble Riverdale Vixens! 

Betty and Veronica make the perfect duo costume for Halloween for girls. Plus, ensure that you add some extra volume to your ponytail to look like Betty and Veronica in their cheerleading gear. If you’re looking for guys’ costumes, you could use Jughead and Archie Andrews to mix and match with your Betty and Veronica costumes. 

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4. Cristina and Meredith

Cristina Yang and Meredith Grey are an iconic duo from the medical drama series “Grey’s Anatomy,” which is still running after eighteen seasons. Although Cristina left the show after the tenth season in 2014, the friendship between her and Meredith remains an inspiration to fans everywhere. 

This makes the Cristina and Meredith friend Halloween costumes an instant hit! Since they are usually always at work, you can buy some work scrubs from your local thrift store or anywhere they sell uniforms to create their looks! 

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5. Cher and Dionne

Cher and Dionne are an iconic duo that sprang from the cult classic film “Clueless,” which was set in the 90s. In true 90s fashion, Cher and Dionne don all things designer. You can sport a plaid skirt and matching blazer to achieve their look or go for one of their other looks to be more unique. 

Every outfit in this movie is on brand with the fashion from this era. In one of Cher’s more sophisticated looks, you can get a simple red dress or a sheer button-down to wear over a skirt and vest or top. A more recent adaptation of the 90s era is the new Netflix film “Do Revenge,” which portrays similar fashion and has an iconic duo of its own, Drea and Eleanor. 

6. Serena and Blair

Calling all Upper East Siders!  Serena Van Der Woodson and Blair Waldorf from the hit series “Gossip Girl” are iconic Halloween costumes for everyone from the early 2000s. In 2020, a reboot of the series appeared on HBO Max with a new cast with new endeavors. 

However, the iconic duo of Serena and Blair can never be replaced. You can mimic the looks of the classic cast of “Gossip Girl” or the new version with a typical prep girl costume and accessorize it to fit the character you’re aiming for!  

Friend Halloween Costumes

These costumes will be so much fun for you and your best friend. You can utilize them for years if you save some of these outstanding friend Halloween costumes for the future! Now, have so much fun dressing up! 

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