Newlywed Presents Every Couple Wants

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Author Name: Beth Rush
Date: Monday December 5, 2022

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Finding the perfect gift for a couple can feel challenging. Make your experience easier by reading about the newlywed presents every couple would love. You’ll find the best thing to celebrate their marriage and their personalities.

1. Scratch-Off Date Night Calendar

Everyone gets stuck in a routine sometimes. Couples can change things up with a scratch-off calendar full of date night ideas. Even if they can’t do it right away, your newly married friends can create a bucket list that keeps their relationship fun.

2. Just Married Candle

Candles set the mood for every morning, evening or holiday. Your loved ones will adore this long-lasting candle with up to 80 hours of burn time. It’s especially perfect for anyone who got married on the beach because it has ocean wind, champagne and linen aromas. The melted wax then becomes a second gift when your married friends use it to create a new candle or silence a squeaky door.

$38.00 from Amazon

3. Conversation Starter Cards

Sometimes couples get too tired or stuck in their routine to have the same interesting conversations they had while they dated. A conversation starter card pack will bring them closer together and teach them more about each other as they grow through life.

$19.95 from Amazon

4. Couples Bath Kit

Self-care is essential for everyone, but it can also become a sensual activity for couples. Give your married friends a couples bath kit to help them relax in a spa-like environment. Bubble bath soap, incense sticks and essential oils for their diffuser will set the right mood. They can finish their night with other self-care ideas like cooking food as a team or chatting by the fireplace with calming tea.

$49.99 from Amazon

5. Champagne Flutes

Newlyweds have a lifetime of anniversaries and milestones to look forward to, so give them a set of champagne flutes. They’ll appreciate having the proper glassware for celebrations, especially because a set will allow them to celebrate with their favorite people.

$38.95 from Amazon

6. Instant Pot Duo Crisp

Cooking for yourself is one thing, but learning to cook for two can seem intimidating. If your newlywed couple will start living together after their ceremony, give them an Instant Pot Duo Crisp. It has 11 features to pressure cook, slow cook and air fry food in one appliance. Their culinary options will become endless and they won’t have to worry about as many dishes.

$199.99 from Amazon

7. Cornhole Board Set

Cornhole is a popular game for couples, especially if they love hosting parties. Get your newlywed friends a set that follows board size regulations and bag weight. They’ll have everything they need to get their game on during their next barbecue or pool party.

$169.97 from Amazon

8. Charcuterie Board Set

Who doesn’t love a charcuterie board? Giving someone a nice set means they can snack in style for years to come. This set comes with a cheese board, a fruit tray, miniature forks, sauce bowls and cheese knives. Your couple will have a delicious meal no matter what they prefer for their charcuterie nights.

$39.99 from Amazon

Find the Best Newlywed Presents

These are just a few newlywed presents every couple wants because they make life more fun together. Whether you give a conversation starter pack, a charcuterie board or a romantic candle, they’ll appreciate being able to use your gift together.

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