Self Care Activities for Couples: Pamper Your Way to a Stronger Bond

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Self-Care Activities for Couples
Author Name: Mia Barnes
Date: Friday July 23, 2021

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Self-Care Activities for Couples

When you hear the term “self-care,” you might envision taking off to a day spa solo and doing nothing but indulging in massage and manicures in between hot tub sessions. However, no one said you have to visit a pro — or make your indulgence a lonely affair. 

Both you and your mate deserve a little healing love — why not shower it on each other? The following five self-care activities for couples will help you pamper your way to a stronger bond. 

1. Master the Mani-Pedi

Why does it feel so glorious to pamper your finger and toes? You have many more sensory neurons in your digits. Hangnails might give you misery, but a foot rub feels like heaven. 

You can master the mani-pedi by following the same techniques they use in day spas and salons. Begin by removing any old polish and clipping, filing and buffing your nails to a clean shine. Push back your cuticles and exfoliate and moisturize your skin — it helps to use a foot file on stubborn heels. 

Then, apply a clear coat of polish. If you want to add color to your or your mate’s nails, go ahead and paint two layers before applying an anti-chip top coat. 

2. Learn Basic Massage Techniques 

One of the most indulgent parts of any spa visit is a rubdown, but it’s so much more intimate when you have your partner do it. Don’t worry if you have no physiology training. You can master the five basic strokes used in Swedish massage and let open communication guide you to your loved one’s sorest spots. 

  • Effleurage: This word translates to “to lightly touch or skim.” It refers to the slow, smooth, circular strokes practitioners use to begin a massage session. It helps to calm the recipient’s central nervous system and establish trust. 
  • Petrissage: These techniques consist of kneading, wringing, rolling and lifting. If you ever had a cat go to town on you with their paws, imitate their methods, minus the sharp claws. You can achieve deep muscular penetration and work out tight knots.
  • Friction: You might use friction to break up petrissage sessions. It refers to using only your fingers or thumb to rub a small specific area. 
  • Vibration: While it may seem like it would excite you, mildly shaking body parts helps inspire relaxation. You might lift your partner’s arms and give it a gentle shake before digging into some shoulder petrissage. 
  • Tapotement: These techniques include gently beating or hammering with your fists, hacking with the edges of your hands and cupping to apply deep force. 

3. Work It Like a Reformer

Yoga is a delightful addition to any self-care day — it’s why you’ll find classes offered at many exclusive spas. If you have access to a Pilates reformer, you can get into some stretches more deeply. Guess what? You don’t need to drop thousands on a machine when you do this self-care activity as a couple. 

Why not begin your practice together with a few sun salutations? Then, take turns assisting each other in poses like supta baddha konasana or lying bound angle pose. It’s like attending a retreat with a private instructor to guide you into challenging asanas. 

self-care activities for couples

4. Whip Up Something Delicious 

The world’s most exclusive spas don’t serve anything that comes from a drive-thru. Part of self-care is nourishing your body. When doing these activities as a couple, why not make the preparation and serving of your meal part of the fun? 

Begin your feast with some butternut squash bisque and wild mushroom bruschetta. Grill up salmon and fresh asparagus as an entree and enjoy an indulgent dessert of strawberries and whipped cream — at the table or somewhere more intimate.

5. Tune Out and Tune In

Do you and your partner frequently argue over phone use and screen time? It is frustrating trying to enjoy a romantic meal when your loved one keeps checking notifications. 

Make one of your self-care activities for couples turning off your devices for the day. Power them down and forget them. You might reset your body from the blue-light interference that can upset your circadian rhythms and sleep more soundly at night. Consider it a self-care bonus if so. 

Instead, use this undivided attention-time to strengthen your bond with your partner. Curl up on the couch and have an uninterrupted chat about anything and everything. 

Pamper Your Way to a Stronger Bond With These Self-Care Activities for Couples 

Who said that treating yourself to nurturing had to be a solo effort? Pamper your way to a stronger bond with these self-care activities for couples. 

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