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10 Achilles Tendonitis Exercises

Achilles tendonitis can put a damper on your athletic career. Trying to play through such an injury can prove disastrous, but the right exercises can help you heal.  The perfect recovery regimen combines flexibility and strength. Here are ten Achilles tendonitis exercises to try the next time your heel starts to ache.  1. Stair Calf […]

Causes of Achilles Tendonitis and How to Prevent It

You’re running up that hill when shooting pain in your right heel brings you to a dead stop. What fresh new agony is this?  The culprit could be achilles tendonitis, a condition that lays countless athletes low each year. What causes this condition, and how can you prevent it?  What Is Achilles Tendonitis?  Achilles tendonitis […]

How You Can Use the Five Love Languages While Single

You’ve probably heard all about the five love languages by now — physical touch, words of affirmation, quality time, giving gifts and acts of service — and how they can improve lives and relationships by helping you learn more about yourself and the ways you prefer to give and receive love. If you know your […]

10 Fun Christmas Food Ideas

When the holidays arrive with a hungry horde to feed, you want to do more than slake their appetite. You want to wow them with festive treats that reflect the seasonal spirit.  However, you don’t have to transform into Martha Stewart overnight to put together an impressive spread. Many recipes that look complicated don’t require […]

affordable health insurance in minnesota

Affordable Health Insurance in Minnesota

Recently, the Biden administration announced open enrollment through Healthcare.gov. If you live in the United States, you have a burden folks in other countries do not — you must apply for coverage or risk financial catastrophe. It’s understandable to feel overwhelmed at the prospect. You don’t want to risk the wrong coverage or getting stuck […]

Woman standing in front of blue wall with hands outstretched

Why Self-Esteem Is Important

Has anyone ever said you have low self-esteem? While you might think it’s no big deal when you don’t feel aces about yourself, the reality is that a poor self-image can affect multiple facets of your life.  You must maintain a healthy sense of who you are to avoid slipping into despair. However, that isn’t […]

8 Causes of Hair Loss in Women

It’s difficult to feel confident about your appearance when your hair starts falling out. Minor hair thinning is expected as new strands grow in, but when should you become concerned? It depends on if you experience any of these eight causes of hair loss in women. Women could experience additional hair loss or noticeable thinning […]

affordable health insurance in michigan

Affordable Health Insurance in Michigan

You may have heard the news that open enrollment periods have begun. If you don’t have health insurance coverage, it’s your responsibility to purchase it in the United States. Going without can prove disastrous. However, you might encounter considerable confusion when applying for a policy. What type do you need, and what level? Here’s what […]

affordable health insurance in maryland

Affordable Health Insurance in Maryland

If you’re searching for affordable health insurance in Maryland, you don’t have to look any further. There are various options to consider, whether you need full, short-term, or supplemental coverage. Remember that costs for monthly premiums will depend on your personal health profile. Here’s a look at a few options for health coverage. 1. Maryland […]