The Best Eyeshadow Shapes for Your Eye Shape

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Author Name: Beth Rush
Date: Wednesday August 26, 2020

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Do you want to update your look? The miracle of makeup makes it possible to enhance your appearance in dozens of ways. To create the perfect image, you need to use the right techniques. 

Part of makeup artistry involves analyzing your facial shape, including that of your eyes. The right application of eyeshadow consists of more than mastering the cat’s eye. It means taking an honest look at your appearance and matching your design to your eye shape. 

What Are the Different Eye Shapes?  

Before you determine the best eyeshadow practices for you, you need to assess the shape of your eyes: 

  • Almond-shaped: If your eyes are symmetrical and narrow toward the outer edges, you have almond-shaped eyes. They are so-called because they resemble the nut.  
  • Round: Can you see white beneath your iris? If so, you have round eyes. 
  • Roundish-Almond: Hello, Mr. Frodo! If you have this shape, you have a slightly wider variety of almond eyes that make you the envy of the red-carpet set. 
  • Downturned: Do your eyes turn slightly down at the outer corners? If so, you have this eye shape. You might also fall into one of the other categories. 
  • Upturned: If your eyes slant upwards at the corner but don’t fall into the Asian category, you have upturned eyes. 
  • Asian: If you are of Asian heritage, you might have upturned eyes with a less prominent upper eyelid crease than people of other ethnic backgrounds. The upper lid is fuller, and you may have an epicanthic fold. 
  • Hooded: Do you have seductive bedroom eyes even when you’re wide awake? If your eyelids touch the top of your pupil, you have hooded eyes. 
  • Droopy: A relatively rare eye shape, if you have droopy eyes, you look like an adorable Basset Hound puppy begging for a treat. You might have considerable bags or dark circles. 

How to Determine Your Eyes’ Size and Position 

Your eye shape also plays a role in your eyeshadow technique. For example, if you have wide-set eyes, you want to avoid looks that emphasize the distance. Playing up big, prominent eyes with too much eyeshadow, liner and mascara might work well in a dark nightclub, but it can make you look over-the-top in the office. If your eyes are tiny, you want to use practices like brightening the waterline to make them pop. 

Stunning Eyeshadow Shape Ideas

Now that you have analyzed your eye shape, how can you match your eyeshadow to it? Play with the tips below to design a new look and boost your confidence. 

Neon Eyeliner

Eyeliner on your eyelid? Yes, please! No one said you had to run it only along the lashes, so add a few strokes of vivid color above on your upper eyelid. This look works best for upturned, almond and Asian eyes. 

Soft Smokey Eyes 

Do you want to recreate the look of a screen siren of yesteryear? This technique involves using shadow and black liner both below the eye and on the lid. It works beautifully for nearly any shape, particularly downturned and hooded. Exercise caution if you have droopy eyes with dark shadows, as this style can make you look sleepier. 

Seaside Sunset Eyes

This look is ideal for going from office to evening. It also creates glamour for round eyes without making them lose their dewy innocence. It also is a lifesaver for droopy eyes as it brightens and draws attention to your upper lids, not any bags. 

Contrasting Underliner Cat’s Eye 

Have you mastered the perfect cat’s eye on your upper lids? You can start with a classic black swoop on top and sweep a swath of bright color underneath. Keep the line small to make small or droopy eyes pop.  

Glitter Lids 

Who said you had to leave the glitter behind on the playground? Sweeping a line of glitter past the outer corner of your eyes can elongate round eyes and add lift to downturned ones. 

Inner Corner Kitty Eyes 

If your eyes are wide-set, you might want to make them appear more narrow. You can do this by creating a tiny reverse cat’s eye, or “kitty” eye by extending a small point toward your nose from the inside corner of your eye. 

Match Your Eyeshadow Shape to Your Eye Shape for Your Best Unique Look 

If you want to create a signature look, match your eyeshadow to your eye shape. You are unique — show your inner self and enhance your natural beauty with the right cosmetic techniques. 

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