6 Foods to Eat Before Bed for Better Sleep

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Author Name: Beth Rush
Date: Wednesday August 26, 2020

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While you may already know that certain foods such as citrus fruits, oats and green tea can wake you up and give you a boost of energy, there are also foods that can calm you down and help you settle your mind and body so that you can sleep better at night. 

If you suffer from insomnia, or if you’re looking to sleep longer and sounder, certain foods that work to calm and ground the body might be the answer to easier, more restful sleep.

Some foods contain different vitamins and minerals that work with your body to help you rest quicker and longer, and incorporating them into your bedtime routine might just lead to more restful sleep.

1. Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is comprised of healthy fats and contains protein that fills you up and satiates you. Eating healthy fats can boost your serotonin levels, which can boost your mood and help you go to sleep happier and help you wake up feeling more satisfied. 

Healthy fats like nuts and seeds are great for getting to sleep, and peanut butter is a concentrated source of those fats, while it also provides proteins and oils that help to fill you up completely.

2. Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea has antioxidants that calm the body and mind, specifically apigenin, which helps to get you ready for sleep. Specifically, chamomile makes you more likely to get sleepy faster, not to mention the general cozy feeling of holding a warm cup of tea and the effect it has on your mood as it gets closer to bedtime

3. Peppermint Tea

Peppermint tea is another tea that can help you sleep better. Peppermint can relax the muscles, which physically prepares your body for restful, rejuvenating sleep. When you’re relaxed your sleep is more likely to feel complete and satisfying. Who knows? Drinking a warm cup of tea right before bed might be exactly what you need to sleep like a baby. 

4. Whole Grains

Whole, complex carbohydrates like rice, bread and pasta can affect your insulin and magnesium levels to help you tire easier and stay asleep throughout the night. If your magnesium is too low, you’re more likely to wake up during the night and interrupt your sleep schedule. 

Try eating whole grains with healthy fats like peanut butter or other nut butters for the perfect night time snack. The combination of complex carbohydrates and filling healthy fats is sure to have you drifting off to sleep happy and satisfied. 

5. Kale

Kale contains calcium, which can help your body produce natural melatonin so that you can get to sleep easier. If you’re thinking about making a kale salad or sauteing vegetables with kale and leafy greens, maybe move it to dinner time rather than chowing down on it for lunch. This way, you can enjoy the sleepy melatonin release and prepare for bed easier.

What’s more, if you enjoy your greens with a whole grain, it could make for the perfect late dinner to get your body ready for sleep.

6. Bananas

Bananas contain potassium, and they also contain magnesium. These nutrients work to relax the muscles, which can make you tired and sleepy much easier. Bananas can also increase serotonin levels with B6 vitamins. The combination of these elements can make bananas the perfect snack for bedtime, especially if you’re looking for something light after a later dinner. 

Whether you’re preparing a bedtime snack for the kids to wind them down or cooking up something to ward off a bit of your own insomnia, you can try out these foods and see what works best for you. 

There are so many foods with different properties that can help you sleep a bit better. Look out for foods that can fit into your life and your diet. If you can find a few foods that work in ways you know help you sleep, so you can enjoy the same benefits and also introduce variety. Which foods are you excited to try out so that you can catch some Zs?

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