The Perfect Bubble Ponytail

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Bubble braid in woman's hair with circle clip.
Author Name: Mia Barnes
Date: Thursday April 11, 2024

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Are you looking for a versatile hairstyle for work or a night out on the town? The bubble ponytail is the perfect solution. As a simple hairstyle, this style provides a professional look with dimension and volume in the back. 

This hairstyle is the new definition of “business in the front, party in the back.” Learn how this hairstyle will transform your hair routine and give you a long-lasting look. 

What is a Bubble Braid?

Braids are commonly known as a three-strand hairstyle, where each strand crosses over one another to complete the look. However, bubble braids are entirely different. This style does not require separating hair into strands but is just fluffing the hair between hair bands to get that bubble effect. 

Bubble braids are the perfect style if you struggle with perfecting any braid. The bubble braid takes less time to complete while adding volume to your hair. Essential supplies necessary for this look are small elastics and a hairbrush. Bubble braids are customizable, as you can determine how many sections you want your bubble braid to be or how fluffed each section is. 

A bubble ponytail is a bubble braid that starts as a traditional ponytail and then forms from the excess hair in the ponytail. Knowing how to create a bubble braid for a long-lasting look effectively is essential. 

How to Create the Perfect Bubble Ponytail 

Woman holding her hair in a ponytail formation.

When creating this look, some tools are necessary for achieving a clean look. Necessary tools include:

  • Small elastics 
  • Hairbrush
  • Gel/ hairspray
  • Boar bristle brush/ toothbrush 

It is vital to remember that styling tools necessary for a bubble ponytail can vary depending on your hair type. Elastics and a hairbrush are necessary to gather all hair and section each hair bubble, but the other tools are a great way to tame and smooth your hair into a ponytail. Use what works best for your hair!

The steps to giving yourself the best bubble braid ponytail include:

Prep your Hair

Hair prep is essential to any hairstyle, especially regarding any updo. With the bubble ponytail, you must perform your regular hair care routine to lock in the moisture when it comes time to craft the perfect bubble ponytail. 

Following your hair care routine regularly, but especially before putting your hair in a ponytail, will help prevent breakage from the tightness of the ponytail and will give your hair extra shine and volume.

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Smooth It Down

Depending on your hair type, the most frustrating part about wearing your hair up is the flyaways or baby hairs that decide to stick out of the bubble ponytail. The best way to combat this issue is to smooth down these tiny hairs while preparing to place your ponytail.

To smooth your flyaways:

  • Grab your boar bristle brush or toothbrush with hairspray or gel, whichever you prefer. 
  • As you tie your ponytail up, use the hairspray or gel and place the product on those stubborn hairs. 
  • With the boar brush or toothbrush, smooth out the places you put the product to blend the flyaways with the rest of your hair and push it down so the small strands stick to the stable strands in the ponytail. 

Create your Ponytail 

After smoothing down all your flyaways, it is time to gather your hair and tie it back into a ponytail. To do this, you should take your hairbrush, gather your hair and tie it back where you feel comfortable. 

With a bubble ponytail, this style will thrive with a medium to low ponytail to keep the bubble braid’s structure and let the braid fall in the middle of your back.

Craft the Bubbles

Once your ponytail is secure, you can start crafting the bubbles. To do so, you can grab elastic hair ties and secure them in your ponytail roughly two inches from your ponytail elastic. Gently tug at the section between your ponytail tie and elastic to fluff up that section of hair. 

You can keep repeating this process until you run out of hair. You can play around with elastic placement to make your bubbles bigger or smaller, depending on your style.

Perfect the Look

Your bubble ponytail is almost complete! After your last section, you will want to go through and tug on any bubbles that need extra fluffing or want to be more defined. As your bubble sections continue, it is common for each section to become smaller, but you can fluff each section to add more volume. 

If you have thick hair, adding elastics to the sections holding more hair is beneficial to prevent the elastics from breaking midday. When you add a second elastic, fluff up that bubble section again to ensure more volume. 

Seal the Deal

A significant benefit of the bubble ponytail is that you can use this hairstyle for any event. If you are going from work to an event, your hairstyle must be ready to last.

To seal your hairstyle in place for hours, ensure you are happy with how your bubble ponytail looks. When you are happy with your hairstyle, grab your favorite hairspray with maximum strength and spray your bubble ponytail with the hair pulled into place, ensuring that your hairstyle stays for hours. 

Upgrading your Bubble Ponytail

Woman holding her ponytail to the right with a red smokey background.

The best thing about a bubble ponytail is that it is a hairstyle for any occasion. If you are going to a glamorous event, you can upgrade your bubble ponytail to make it flashy while complementing your look. 

Some ways to enhance your bubble ponytail include:

Adding Accessories

Adding some accessories to your look is a great way to liven up your ponytail. Accessories can include a colorful scrunchie, headband or clips. Either way, this will add a pop of color and draw attention to your beautiful bubbles.

Pop in Sparkle

Sparkles always brighten up any look! You can add spay-in sparkles to enhance your bubble ponytail for fun events like prom or a Taylor Swift concert!

Colorful Changes

If you want to make a huge statement, a great way to upgrade your bubble ponytail is to use pops of color, like semi-permanent or temporary hair color. You can add a strand of a fun color or make each bubble a different rainbow color.

No matter your hair type, a bubble ponytail is a quick and easy way to spruce up your look and transition from professional to fun in no time!

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