How to Do The Bubble Braids Hairstyle

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Author Name: Mia Barnes
Date: Wednesday February 8, 2023

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When choosing a fun hairstyle, there are certainly no limitations. With options from classic banana curls, fishtail braids or half-up styles, styling your hair can be a new adventure every day. If you love the look of braids but have trouble tacking the classic style, bubble braids are a great alternative. This is an easy-to-achieve variation of the original braid. Here is how to do the bubble braids hairstyle. 

What Are Bubble Braids?

Bubble braids are sections of your hair fluffed out into a bubble-like shape. They have an easy, modern and playful look compared to traditional ponytails and braids. Not to mention they are much easier. You can do this style in many different ways, depending on your preferences. It can be done in a high ponytail or as pigtails on both sides of the face. 

No matter what bubble braid style you use, the strategy remains the same. Grab some elastics and strategically place them throughout the ponytail. Once they are in place, you pull the hair slightly outwards on both sides, encouraging it to appear as a bubble. 

Why Wear Bubble Braids?

Sometimes we need a new hairstyle to freshen up our look, but there are more legitimate reasons why you might throw your hair in a bubble braid. If you haven’t washed your hair in a while, this can be a cute updo until you get the chance to clean it again. It is also very versatile, so you can do it no matter what length or texture you have. 

This hairstyle is very quick to achieve as well. As long as you have elastics and a hair brush, you are good to go. There are many different types of bubble braids, like a French bubble braid, double bubble braid or ponytail bubble braid. Depending on your style, you can choose which is your favorite to do.  

Step-By-Step Tutorial  

Now that you know what bubble braids are, it’s time to try them out. This low-maintenance hairstyle will add a unique and fun look to your everyday routine. This is how to do bubble braids step-by-step.

  1. Prep your hair with your styling cream of choice and brush through.
  2. Create a ponytail and tie it off with an elastic at the highest point,  as close to the scalp as possible.
  3. Depending on your hair length, move approximately two inches down the ponytail and tie it off again with a clear elastic. Continue this down the ponytail till you reach the end of your hair. 
  4. Once the elastics are placed, use your fingers to puff out each section. This loosens the hair to create a bubble look. You can choose how voluminous you want your bubbles to be
  5. To finish, use some light hairspray to control fly-aways in the process. If you want to soften the look, you can pull out two front pieces on each side of your hair. 

Embrace Your New Look

Give bubble braids a try for a new and fun way to keep the hair out of your face. It might just be your new go-to look!

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