What Are Banana Curls?

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Author Name: Mia Barnes
Date: Wednesday July 6, 2022

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People with long hair have plenty of hairstyles to choose from. One such hairstyle implements banana curls — long, tube-like curls full of volume and lots of bounce. Once your hair curls this way, you can add buns or ponytails to it or leave it down. It’s such a versatile hairstyle and here’s all you need to know about it.

Why Bananas?

No one knows why this style was named after a fruit, but potentially, a banana’s curve came to mind. When looser, banana curls tend to have that sweeping shape to them that bananas have. How tight or loose you wear them depends on your personal preference.

Banana curls were a favorite hairstyle of women in the 1940s, as they allowed for their hair to stay out of their face when they worked. When you search for this particular type of curl, you may see several different answers. That’s because people achieve a similar look through various methods and put their own spin on the banana curl that suits their daily life and the appearance they want.

Another form of the “banana curl” method involves using bananas to strengthen your curls. The fruit works great in a hair mask that you can use to keep your hair smooth, and you can use it just like your favorite deep conditioning treatment. 

How to Make Banana Curls

Tight ringlets are called many things, but the most iconic name has to be the banana curl. You can use many methods to achieve your banana curls, but these are some of the best. Try something new — you may just love the results!

1. With a Curling Iron

When you use a curling iron, you put heat onto your hair. If you want to protect your hair from any potential frizz or heat damage, make sure you use a good heat protecting spray beforehand. Curls work best when you’re working with “dirty” hair — that is, hair you haven’t washed right before — but you can still curl your hair when it’s been freshly washed.

The size of your curling iron determines the size of the curls. If you want tight, ringlet curls that you can brush out into a style you like, use a barrel with a smaller diameter. Curling irons with a smaller barrel means that your coils will last longer. 

2. Using Heatless Methods

Many people try to stay away from using heat on their hair. Using heat on your hair without any protection can cause damage to the outer shell, which can lead to breakage or even hair loss. Eating the right diet can protect your hair, but so can avoiding heat sources.

Wrapping or braiding your hair in anything with a curved shape should help you achieve the same look. Many people have tried weaving in bandanas or soft curling rods and sleeping on them. That way, you achieve that perfectly curled look first thing in the morning. Some people achieve this look by using real bananas to aid in their quest for the perfect curls!

Use Banana Curls for a Fun and Formal Hairstyle

Banana curls are perfect for just about any occasion. Whether you’re attending a formal event or a casual party, you can style your curls to fit any celebration. It might take some practice to achieve the perfect loop, but once you work with your hair, you’ll understand more about it and what it needs to hold the shape of banana curls. Once you figure out which method works best for you, you’ll be a pro and can teach others about these unique, versatile curls.

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