The Super Soaker Method: 5 Easy Steps

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Author Name: Mia Barnes
Date: Monday May 9, 2022

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If you have curly hair, you’ve probably wrestled with finding the right hair-care routine. If you brush your hair, it poofs. Coaxing frizzy textures into curls is further complicated by weather and how much time you have for styling. 

Fortunately, there’s a simple way to reduce frizz and get larger, bouncy curls – the super soaker method. Washing your hair this way is fast, based on science and works for all curly hair types. Keep reading to learn how to take your curls to the next level with super soaking in five easy steps. 

Why It Works

The super soaker method helps to distribute conditioner and other products evenly throughout your hair. In combination with water, these products work to create curl clumps – smooth sections of hair that resemble seaweed. Super soaking your hair is less about squeezing water out and more about swishing it through your hair. 

Soaking your hair will reduce frizz and result in larger, bouncier curls instead than a bunch of small ringlets. To see a real-life example of how the super soaker method compares to usual conditioning in the shower, check out the microscopic images on Science-y Hair Blog. Super soaking will evenly coat hair shafts and is harder to rinse out. 

This method is very similar to the bowl method and the squish to condish method promoted by hairstylist Melissa Stites. Each of these hair-care practices uses water to distribute product and help create curl clumps. The bowl method uses a bowl of water, while squish to condish can happen in the shower or over a bowl. 

Super soaking your hair works well for all wavy, curly and coily hair types, regardless of your porosity. If you’re trying to reduce frizz and improve volume in your curls, you can benefit from this hair-care practice. However, it will probably take some trial and error to find the ideal routine for you. 

How to Super Soak Your Hair in 5 Easy Steps

Using the super soaking method is easy, although a bit messy. It’s best done with a large towel nearby to catch drips and protect your clothes during the drying process. Follow these five simple steps to create a basic super soaker hair routine. 

  1. Start by washing your hair with shampoo as usual. Dry off and fill a bowl with water. Next, add a generous amount of conditioner to your hair. It should start to clump and feel slippery. Some people think their hair looks like shiny seaweed at this stage. 
  1. Next, you can start to detangle. Flip your hair over your head and use your fingers to gently rake through your hair. You can use a wide-toothed comb or wet brush to complete this process, but be gentle. You should never forcibly pull through tangles.
  1. Once your hair is detangled, you’re ready to start soaking. Dip your hair into the basin and use your hands to squish water through your curls. Turn your head and soak different sides to ensure curls will lay naturally. 
  1. If you find that the top of your hair is frizzy after flipping your hair back over your head, you can rewet it with a spray bottle or under the shower. If your hair starts to look frizzy or dry, you’ve rinsed out too much conditioner. 
  1. The final step is to apply curly-hair products like gel into your soaking wet hair. You can use a soft t-shirt to scrunch them in. Stop before you create frizz. To dry your hair, you can either use a hairdryer and diffuser or let your hair air dry. 

Although soaking and scrunching your hair shouldn’t take long, it may take a while for your hair to dry. Because your hair needs to stay soaked to avoid frizz, drying with a diffuser will take longer than usual. However, once your hair has dried, your beautiful curls should last for several days or until you take another shower. 

What to Expect

Because this can be a time-consuming process, you may be tempted to only super soak your hair before a special occasion. However, this method builds on itself over time. The more often you do this, the more your hair will respond and the better it will curl. 

Some people “plop” their curls by tying them up in a soft t-shirt to help them dry. You can use two separate t-shirts to speed up this process. However, it’s also effective to wash your hair on the weekend and then go about your day while it air dries. After it’s completely dry, you can use your fingers to gently scrunch out stiff casting and break up your curls at the roots. 

Everyone’s hair is different, so it’s important to keep experimenting to find what combination of steps and products works best for you. Try one item at a time so you can accurately judge how it’s affecting you. Weather can also influence your hair, so keep an eye on humidity and weather patterns in your area.  

Some people add additional styling products during the super soaker process to increase volume or coax their hair into tighter curls. However, just soaking your hair with conditioner should have a nourishing effect that leads to healthier and fuller curls. 

Soak for Smoothness

The super soaker method reduces frizz and creates larger, bouncier curls. By using water and finger detangling to fully condition and smooth your hair, you can create a natural look that’s healthy, shiny and frizz-free. 

Follow this guide to try super soaking the next time you wash your hair. Don’t give up after the first try – remember that this method builds on itself and it may take some time to get the results you want. During this process, you can get to know your hair better and invest more thoughtfully into its care.

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