Understanding the Popularity of Blush

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Author Name: Mia Barnes
Date: Friday May 6, 2022

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The popularity of blush is not something to be taken lightly. Some people tend to go without it, and that’s fine — but if you want to add a little life to your face after creating a base with foundation and concealer, blush is the way to go. Blush can be built up to be as saturated as you want, so there’s no shortage of looks you can create with it.

What Is Blush Used For?

Blush is a simple makeup product with a simple aim: to make its user look more awake and alive as they go about their day. Blush adds a bit of pigment to your skin, which is especially handy if you’re layering it with other makeup products that could even out your skin tone. Like highlighter, blush adds a glow — but it looks much more natural.

Not all blush is made the same. While blush typically comes in warmer tones to mimic flushed skin, not every shade will fit you. Test out different pigments with your skin tone to see which one suits you best. Some people may favor a deep red hue, while others might look good in bright pink. It all depends on your unique complexion, so don’t be afraid to play with shades.

Why Is Blush So Popular?

Blush was first created over a hundred years ago in the early 1900s. It followed the success of pressed powders and still finds use today. It’s a makeup product that can be used wherever, whenever from the very beginning. It became popular because of its portability and ease of application. Plus, with the benefits of using it, the popularity of blush is easy to see.

The way people wear blush has evolved a bit with fashion trends. Traditionally, people apply blush to the apples of their cheeks to give them a fuller look. Since the COVID-19 pandemic and the popularization of wearing face masks for safety, people have started to apply their blush higher to lift their faces. 

This trend will likely continue even after the pandemic has passed and fewer people wear masks throughout their day-to-day activities. Likewise, with video chats becoming more popular, people may look at blush as a way to bring color to their faces and toward their eyes where dark circles may hide.

The application of blush may change now and then, but it’s likely here to stay. Since it hasn’t gone wholly out of trend in over a hundred years, people are bound to find new and inventive ways to work with a blush that will help them stand out and pull their look together.

What Kinds of Blush Are There?

Just as there are different forms of other kinds of makeup, blush comes in many forms. The popularity of blush makes sense when you realize just how versatile it is to fit in anyone and everyone’s makeup routine. Companies make blushes for different skin types and texture preferences.

The most popular type of blush may vary from trend to trend, but a few stick out as the most popular kinds of blush today.

  • Powder Blush: More like a pressed powder, this blush typically comes in a compact and can be worn like its powder counterpart.
  • Cream Blush: This blush gives a more saturated finish and works great as a moisturizer for dry skin.
  • Stick Blush: Almost like lipstick, this blush typically comes in a tube and can be applied lightly across the cheekbones, then blended out to create a smooth finish.

Choose the type of blush that works best for your skin. If you’re prone to an oily face, use powder blush to control some of the shine. Ultimately, you should use the blush that works best for you. Don’t be afraid to try different types before choosing what’s best for you and your skin.

How to Apply Blush

Your blush application may differ from the usual, depending on the look you want. Still, if you’re not using blush regularly, you might need a slight refresher on how to apply it for most makeup looks. The popularity of blush lies in how versatile it is — meaning that you can create your own way to apply blush. Still, make sure to follow these tips to have a smoother blush application that lasts longer.

1. Prep Your Skin

You should have a skincare routine that takes place before you put your makeup on. Following a proper routine in the morning and evening makes a cleaner and smoother base for any makeup you plan to wear. For this first step, you should follow your skincare routine as usual. Doing so will ensure that your face stays moisturized and that the rest of your makeup slides on with ease.

2. Apply It Slowly

The idea of blush is to build it up over time. You don’t want to start with a lot of product right away, as you’ll have a much harder time trying to blend it out and make it appear natural. Start with a light layer and blend it out. Afterward, you’ll be able to see how much more blush you need to build up pigment on your face. Once you practice with blush a few times, you’ll be able to estimate how much you need for a certain look right away.

When you apply blush, blend it out with light strokes. Don’t spread it all over your face with the brush. You want it to sink seamlessly into your skin, creating a rosy glow more than anything else. If you’re going for something bolder, choose to blend it less or use more product to create a brighter pigment on your skin.

3. Use Setting Spray

Setting spray is a staple in just about anyone’s makeup bag. The right setting spray will keep your makeup looking fresh for hours. Some people apply setting spray multiple times during their makeup routine after crucial steps. 

If you want your blush application to last all day, you should use your favorite setting spray after you finish with it. Luckily, even if your blush starts to fade over the day, most blushes are compact enough to bring with you wherever you go — meaning that you’ll always have a chance to touch it up.

The Popularity of Blush Will Never Change

Since blush has survived so long, it’s safe to say that it will never go out of style. You may experience waves where people substitute it for something else or don’t use it at all, but blush will always come back to its traditional spot in most people’s makeup routine. Once you practice with the blush that fits your unique skin type, you’ll be able to create subtle and bold looks with your new favorite makeup product.

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