New Mother Tips New Moms Need to Know

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Author Name: Mia Barnes
Date: Wednesday November 2, 2022

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New moms are warriors. Becoming a new mother is both joyful and terrifying–you’ll need all the new mother health tips you can get. If you’re a first-time mom, all of the advice and information out there can be overwhelming. 

Here are five tips every new mother should know that can make your life with a baby easier. 

1. Get Into Nature to Boost Your Mood and Benefit Your Baby

When you bring your baby home, it’s tempting to keep them isolated from the crazy, germy world around them. For babies, natural light can work wonders on their circadian rhythm, helping them sleep better at night. 

You don’t have to take them into a crowd, but taking your newborn outside is good for both of you. The fresh air and natural light can help regulate your mood and help with baby blues. It can also help you feel connected to the world around you during a time when it’s easy to isolate.

2. Start Bottle Feeding Early to Avoid Back-to-Work Struggles

If you are on maternity leave and breastfeeding, keeping your baby on the breast is tempting until you’re days away from returning to work. However, this can lead to a cranky baby and stressed-out parents. 

Many breastfed babies initially reject the bottle and it might take some time to find the bottle and nipple combination they prefer. 

Starting intermittent bottle feeding once you establish good breastfeeding can help your baby adjust to feeding while you’re away from them. 

3. Bicycle Kicks Can Relieve Gas

When discovering the world, your baby’s body has a lot to adjust to and one thing to prepare for is an occasional bout of uncomfortable gas. 

There are medications that can help with frequent tummy aches but something you can try for occasional gas upset are bicycle kicks. 

Lay your baby on their back while on a sturdy surface. Bend their needs and rotate their legs as if they are riding a bike. This motion is proven to help babies release occasional gas and feel better fast. 

4. Baby Wearing in Public Makes Solo Trips Easier

Taking your baby out on the town can seem intimidating, especially when you’re managing a stroller or car seat. 

When you choose to go out with your newborn, there is an easier way to shop, eat and enjoy nature. 

Baby wearing is a great way to keep your little one close while freeing both of your hands to open doors, pick up items or carry bags. 

Wearing your infant helps you bond with them, keeps them away further away from viruses and bacteria and gives you more freedom to do what you desire. 

There are many types of carriers out there. You want to ensure that your baby stays in the proper position while they’re worn to prevent potential harm. 

5. Talking About Your Struggles Can Make You Happier.

Being a new mom can feel isolating. Even when family and friends surround you, your needs can be put on the back burner. 

Talking about your struggles can help you feel less alone if you’re feeling down. Joining mom groups in person or on social media allows you to give and receive advice and share your experiences. You could also call a close friend and be honest about the things you’re concerned about, or just vent. 

If your sadness or frustration is interfering with your day-today life, consider seeking professional assistance. Postpartum depression is a common illness that you can treat with the right support. 

Navigating Life with New Mother Tips 

Becoming a mother is an exciting and overwhelming time. There’s a lot of information and advice out there with varying results. 

With these tips, you can make the transition to being a  mom easier, helping to make your baby happier and giving you peace of mind. 

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