Top 9 Ways to Simplify Your Life

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Top 9 Ways to Simplify Your Life
Author Name: Mia Barnes
Date: Friday November 26, 2021

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Life today seems hopelessly complex. Technology seems to evolve faster than human beings can master it. The tax code spins on ten times longer than the Bible. Whatever happened to simplicity? Do you long to simplify your life? 

You can recapture the magic of cherishing the basics in your world, even as the one outside grows increasingly more chaotic. Here are the top nine ways to simplify your life — get your new year’s resolution lists ready. 

1. Go Marie Kondo

Marie Kondo started her career in the tidy trade at 19 and hasn’t looked back since. She wrote “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up,” and her KonMari method has become synonymous with good housekeeping. She’s a master at discarding objects that don’t bring you joy and practicing more mindful living. 

If you have a huge pad, though, you could feel overwhelmed by how much you have to organize. The answer: make a list. Tackle one closet or set of cabinets each weekend. Before you know it, you’ll no longer fear drowning under a tumbling laundry pile each time you open your closet door. 

2. Embrace Meal-Prepping 

Have you avoided meal-prepping because you think it hinders your spontaneity? Quite the opposite. A long day at the office can mean few choices outside of the drive-thru — unless you have a freezer full of Instant Pot-ready meals that heat in seconds, providing superior taste and nutrition. 

Here’s a pro-tip: Invest in the best storage containers you can find. Those specially designed to whisk moisture away from produce and inhibit bacterial growth can keep your neatly chopped veggies fresh until you’re ready to fire up the wok. 

3. Set Monthly Goals 

Do you envision grandiose plans — but make little real-life effort to achieve them? It’s fun to daydream, but productivity demands action. Instead of setting one large resolution, such as “finish writing a novel,” break down your task into monthly goals. 

Why monthly? You can make your goal big enough to feel like you accomplished something meaningful yet still not overwhelm your brain with the fear of the unknown that accompanies change. For example, if you’re trying to lose weight, setting a 5-pound goal for October is realistic. If you still have further to go on your journey, repeat the process the following month. 

4. Establish a Morning Routine 

Are your mornings a study in chaos? Rushing to get everyone out the door on time can make you feel “off” for the rest of the day. 

Instead, streamline your morning routine. Start your day with something wholesome, like five to ten minutes of gentle stretching and meditation in bed to welcome yourself to the new dawn. 

Then, dive into the goodness you organized the night before. Getting ready takes minutes when you have your outfit laid out, and your kid’s lunches lined up and ready to grab in the fridge. 

5. Create a Capsule Wardrobe 

What is a capsule wardrobe? It extends the idea of taking mix-and-match separates on your vacation and extends it to your entire closet. It refers to a limited selection of interchangeable clothing pieces that complement each other. 

You might find this method leaves you with fewer shirts and skirts in your wardrobe — but you’ll enjoy a wider array of fashion options. The same top that dresses up under a pants suit creates casual chic when you put it over a pair of neatly pressed jeans. Best of all, nearly any ensemble you grab on the fly will look tasteful. 

6. Unsubscribe 

Does your email inbox overflow into the triple or even quadruple digits each time you take a long weekend? All those newsletters sounded interesting at the time — but who can sit and read them all? 

Fortunately, you no longer have to click on each email and hit the unsubscribe link. You can now find unsubscribe apps that will help you achieve inbox zero in no time. 

7. Automate 

Are you still laboriously responding to every customer request manually? If you find yourself sending the same emails time and again, create templates. That way, you only need to change details like the recipient’s name before responding to common inquiries. 

You can also use this process to make your home more efficient. Smart home devices like Amazon Echo and Samsung SmartThings can perform tasks such as locking your doors at night and dimming the lights, all while you relax in bed. 

8. Make Fitness Mindless 

Squeezing in a workout can seem impossible on busy days. Look for ways to integrate fitness seamlessly into your lifestyle. 

For example, are you able to walk or bike to the office? You could do double-duty, decreasing your carbon footprint while getting in your miles. 

Another alternative is joining a gym you pass on your commute. You’re much more likely to stick to your commitment if you don’t have to travel out of your way to do so. 

9. End Each Day With a To-Do List 

Finally, consider ending your day with a to-do list. This suggestion doesn’t mean burning the midnight oil. It simply refers to setting yourself up for success the following day. 

At the end of each workday, take five minutes to reflect on what you accomplished and what you still have to do. Prioritize the next day’s tasks so that when you sit down at your station the next day, you’re ready to dive right in, while your energy levels remain fresh. 

Simplify Your Life These Top 9 Ways 

You don’t have to let the modern world’s chaos defeat you. Simplify your life and take back your serenity in these nine ways. 

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