Trips to Take With Your Best Friend: 9 Fun Summer Ideas

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Author Name: Beth Rush
Date: Wednesday September 16, 2020

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Are you feeling cabin fever and longing for a getaway? Who better to travel with than your best friend? You probably share many of the same interests, which means no heavy sighing when you want to hit one more shop. 

The recent pandemic may have upset some travel plans, but you have ample options for getting away. Try one of the nine trips to take with your best friend below and make your summer plans sizzle. 

Hit a Local Museum 

People fly to Paris to see The Louvre, but you probably have a decent museum nearby. Many of these venues are quiet and run by individuals who take safety precautions seriously — so you can feel safe. Plus, you likely won’t encounter any overwhelming crowds. 

You can find institutions dedicated to the most bizarre things imaginable — from cultural icons like the Big Mac to medical oddities. Map your trip before you go, and you might be able to visit more than one museum in a day. However, if you have time off, why not linger and give yourself time to absorb the exhibits? 

Visit a Nearby Nature Preserve

Both exercise and getting outdoors improve your mood significantly and combining the two busts through a depressed or anxious state in many cases. Nature preserves and state and national parks offer you the opportunity to learn more about your local flora and fauna. If you don’t want to expand your mind, you can sit by a babbling creek and let the sound of running water soothe your soul. 

Go Off-the-Grid Camping 

Roughing it in the woods is scary when you’re solo, but it becomes an adventure when you bring your best friend. You can tell each other ghost stories around the campfire while you roast marshmallows. If you hear a suspicious sound, you have someone with you to investigate. The buddy system makes it safer to venture off the beaten path because you have someone to go for help if one of you twists an ankle or encounters a snake. 

Get in the Water 

If you have lingering coronavirus concerns, take heart. Viruses are unlikely to spread through water, and pool chemicals destroy them. The problem is person-to-person contact. The solution? Plan your visit for a less crowded time. For example, if you have a week off and the local waterpark is open, go on a weekday morning. 

You can also head to the beach in many areas. You can protect yourself by following social distancing rules and wearing a mask. Don’t wear it in the water, though, as it can hinder your breathing ability when wet. 

Sample Local Restaurants 

As the world begins to reopen from COVID-19, small businesses struggle to recover. Some of the hardest hits were to local restaurants — why not patronize them? You don’t have to order a complete meal if your wallet is tight. Call an Uber and visit several establishments for tapas and an adult beverage or two without risking a DUI. 

Spook Up Some Spirits 

Do you know of a location with a haunted reputation near you? Why not grab your cellphone and go on a ghost hunting trip with your best friend this summer? You can download the Ghost Radar app for free if you want to capture spooky EVPs. 

If you prefer history to the supernatural, why not see if you have any ghost towns to investigate near you? You might need a four-wheel-drive vehicle to reach some locations, but you can lease one for the day if you don’t own one. 

Discover Geocaching 

What is geocaching? It’s like a giant scavenger hunt with prizes — for adults. All you will need is a smartphone where you can download a GPS device. Then, you receive coordinates, and your job is to locate the cache before everyone else. To get the coordinates, you register for a free membership and type in your postal code. You’ll find a list of treasures near you to seek. 

Take a Memorable Summer Trip With Your Best Friend This Summer 

You don’t have to board a plane to take a trip with your best friend this summer. Check out these unique ideas and prepare to make memories. 

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