Everything You Need to Know About Non-Toxic Beauty

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Author Name: Mia Barnes
Date: Wednesday September 16, 2020

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Once you develop a beauty routine, it’s easy to become comfortable with the products you trust. They give you the look and results you want, so why try anything else? Even though it’s tempting to stick with what you know, the products in your makeup bag could harm your health.

Most people would assume that beauty products are all heavily regulated and tested before they reach consumers, but that’s not always true. Certain ingredients can slip past regulations for different reasons, leaving you with toxic products on the shelves at your favorite stores.

Restore your health by reading about everything you need to know about non-toxic beauty. Once you know what to look for, you can rely on new products that are good for your body. See if you’ve fallen for these secret ingredients and if they’ve affected your health so far. 

It’s Not an Industry Standard

Most large corporations will pick profits if they have to choose between making a more significant profit or paying more for high-quality ingredients. It’s part of the reason why so many of the biggest brands aren’t automatically non-toxic. It’s cheaper to use chemicals and synthetic ingredients that are mass-produced for minimal cash upfront.

Then there’s the issue of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). In 1938, it passed the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FFDCA) which regulates and sets limits on ingredients in cosmetic products, among other things. It allows for a small amount of toxic chemicals in products like mascara and foundation because they’re not enough to immediately harm users.

Except for color additives, manufacturers can use any cosmetic ingredient that’s safe during product use if they outline all additives on the product’s label. It’s a loophole that allows companies to sell products without FDA approval and skip the time and effort required for non-toxic products.

Common Ingredients Have Side Effects

When you decide to get into non-toxic beauty products, you need to learn which common ingredients have unhealthy side effects. Although the ingredients will differ in each product depending on its purpose, you can find these most common toxins in popular products.


Face washes and moisturizers often use parabens because they prevent mold and bacteria growth inside product containers. You’ll find them commonly listed as methylparabens and propylparabens, which can disrupt normal hormone production in both men and women. They can result in reproductive issues and hormone regulation in the body. 


Some beauty products use talcum powder to absorb moisture and prevent caking, like in eyeshadows and foundation. Even in small amounts, some talcum powder contains unmeasured and unregulated asbestos, which causes cancer in the lungs when inhaled continuously over time.


The next time you look for new nail polish, see if formaldehyde is on the ingredient list. It’s useful for strengthening and hardening nail polish as it dries, giving you a longer-lasting look. At the same time, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) deems it a human carcinogen even in the small amounts found in nail polish. 

Research New Brands

Look inside your makeup bag or bathroom closet and see which brands you rely on the most. Find out if they have a mission statement dedicated to non-toxic products and read reviews on each company. Finding new brands to replace those that use chemical ingredients doesn’t have to feel challenging.

If you’re not sure where to start, read about popular natural brands that pledge to use natural ingredients. Give bonus points to companies that also find ethically-sourced ingredients that are cruelty-free too. Companies concerned with what they use in their products will be upfront about their business practices on their websites, either through mission statements or company descriptions.

Never Stop Learning

The world of all-natural, non-toxic beauty is continually changing. If you decide to start your journey to safe beauty products, do your best to never stop learning. Research brands, study common ingredients and keep up with industry news so you always know the safest, most reliable products on the market.

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