5 Hearty Vegan Soup Recipes (2024)

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Author Name: Mia Barnes
Date: Wednesday January 29, 2020

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There are few things more heart-warming than a big bowl of soup when it’s cold outside. When the weather starts to get chilly, it’s normal to reach for comfort foods. In fact, we are biologically wired to want to eat more calories in the cooler months. Making large batches of soup is easy, and there is nothing better than a fridge full of leftovers to last all week. These vegan soup recipes will keep you warm all winter long.

Some people worry that vegan recipes are too light and can’t possibly fill you up. But there are tons of hearty vegan soup recipes out there that are both healthy and comforting. Our immune systems need some extra attention in the winter, and eating a balanced diet of vegetables and healthy grains and fats can help support your immune system. Here are five hearty vegan soup recipes for a cold winter day.

1. Lentil Soup

Lentils are a nutritious and protein-packed legume perfect for chilly days curled up on the couch. Not only are lentils high in iron and magnesium, but they are also low in sodium and saturated fat. They are the perfect template for a hearty stew, and this lentil soup is easy to prepare.

The best part about this recipe is that it’s made with mostly pantry ingredients. Simple and quick, it’s delicious with extra greens or a dash of hot sauce. High in fiber and protein, it’s perfect after an evening yoga class or defrosted during a busy work week.

To make this recipe, you will need:

  • Olive oil
  • Onion 
  • Cumin 
  • Curry powder
  • Dried Thyme
  • Diced Tomatoes
  • Brown or Green Lentils
  • Vegetable Broth
  • Red pepper flakes
  • Fresh greens (Collards or Kale)
  • Lemon Juice

2. Butternut Squash and Quinoa Chili

You can’t talk about vegan soup without including butternut squash. Butternut squash is arguably one of the best winter vegetables. It’s highly nutritious and can be added to both sweet and savory dishes. 

This butternut squash and quinoa chili is a vegan alternative to a meat-heavy chili. But even though it’s meat-free it’s still incredibly hearty. Packed with wholesome vegetables and quinoa, you may convince some of your carnivorous friends to try this chili!

To make butternut squash and quinoa chili you will need:

  • Avocado or coconut oil
  • Onion
  • Jalapeno
  • Garlic
  • Butternut squash
  • Chili powder
  • Ground cumin
  • Smoked paprika
  • Diced tomatoes
  • Tomato paste
  • Vegetable broth
  • Quinoa
  • Kidney beans
  • Black beans 
  • Coconut sugar or maple syrup
  • Chipotle pepper (optional)
  • Chopped kale (optional)

3. Spiced Chickpea Stew

If you haven’t heard of Insta-famous Alison Roman, it’s time to check her out. Author of two cookbooks and a regular contributor to the New York Times and Bon Appetit, Roman is known for her simple recipes that are popular among millennials. 

This spiced chickpea stew, known affectionately as “the stew”, is easy to prepare and packed with healthy fiber and protein. The best part about this stew is that it is totally customizable, add extra spices if you want or use different greens. You could consider adding edamame, which is super high in protein and can keep you full throughout the day. But make sure to use full-fat coconut milk – it makes the stew super creamy and delicious.

For “the stew” you will need:

  • Olive oil
  • Garlic
  • Onion
  • Ginger
  • Ground turmeric
  • Red pepper flakes
  • Chickpeas
  • Coconut milk
  • Vegetable stock
  • Swiss chard, kale or collard greens
  • Mint leaves (for serving)
  • Toasted pita or flatbread (optional)

4. Kale and Mushroom Pho

If you’re new to pho, this is a great recipe for beginners. Once you have tried pho, it’s the perfect soup for snowy nights that call for extra wholesome ingredients. 

This kale and mushroom pho is full of nourishing vegetables that are also detoxifying. Plus, the broth is great if you’re feeling a bit under the weather. Ingredients like garlic are great for a runny nose or sinus infection. 

This recipe can easily be made vegan by using vegetable broth instead of beef broth, and leaving out the fish sauce and steak. If you are vegetarian, fish sauce adds a nice umami flavor to the pho. Tofu can also be substituted for the meat, though the shiitake mushrooms are hearty enough on their own! 

To make vegan pho, you will need:

  • Olive oil
  • Onion
  • Garlic
  • Ginger
  • Star anise
  • Cinnamon sticks
  • Cloves
  • Vegetable broth
  • Chili paste
  • Kale
  • Rice noodles
  • Additional toppings can include bean sprouts, herbs, peppers, carrots and limes 

5. Coconut Carrot Soup

If you’re worried carrot soup might not fill you up, this soup may be a pleasant surprise. Despite the simple ingredients, this soup is a hearty dinner during the colder months, and a great way to use all those extra carrots in the back of your fridge. 

Feel free to add red pepper flakes, toasted sesame seeds, sliced scallions or cilantro leaves to add some texture before serving. This soup is also delicious with a thick slice of crusty bread.

For a heart carrot soup you will need:

  • Coriander seeds
  • Coconut or olive oil
  • Carrots
  • Red chiles
  • Shallots
  • Ginger
  • Garlic
  • Curry powder
  • Coconut milk
  • Lemon juice

Try These Vegan Soup Recipes on a Cold Day

If people say vegan food isn’t delicious, direct them to these vegan soup recipes that will warm you up from the inside out. These simple soup recipes are sure to help you feel nourished on a cold winter day and are perfect for all dietary needs. Try out one recipe a week. You might just find your new favorite soup!

Updated on April 12, 2024

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