Weird Sports Every Athlete Should Try

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Author Name: Beth Rush
Date: Wednesday December 7, 2022

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Sometimes it gets boring to try the same workouts and play the same recreational sports with your friends. If you want to switch up your routine, try some of these weird sports. They’ll make everyone laugh because they’re wildly different from anything you’ve likely tried before.

1. Korfball

Anyone looking for an indoor or outdoor sport can try Korfball. Although there’s a long list of rules, the game is simple. Two teams compete to score points by shooting a ball through a designated hoop without moving while holding the ball. Don’t forget to find a regulated korfball to get the right size and weight for this goofy game.

2. Ostrich Racing

You’ve heard of racing horses and even racing pigs, but have you ever tried to ride an ostrich across a finish line? Find a community group that races ostrich to have incredible fun while working out. You’ll use your abs to stay in your saddle, so it might help to build muscle with gentle exercises at home before trying this weird sport.

3. Sepak Takraw

In the 15th century, volleyball players decided to compete with their feet and the sport of sepak takraw was born. You can use any body part to get a volleyball over a net, which can rest on the ground like in tennis or up in the air like in traditional volleyball.

4. Underwater Hockey

You don’t need to learn how to ice skate to play hockey. Just jump in a pool! Two teams need goggles, a weighted puck and short sticks to navigate the puck into each underwater net. The water poses extra resistance for a more challenging workout, so consider adding resistance bands to your strength training routine to strengthen your muscles before your first game.

5. Cycleball

Imagine that you’re standing on a basketball court. The basketball shrinks to half its size and you have to sit on a bike. In cycleball, your wheels are the only thing you can use to get that ball into your opponent’s net across the court. Bring a helmet to stay safe during this weird sport. You might also need a pre-workout drink to boost your energy before heading to the court.

6. Chess Boxing

Combine your brain and your brawns by playing chess boxing. During the first round, you and your opponent will each get to move a single chess piece. The second round follows with a quick boxing session. The rounds repeat until someone wins the chess game or taps out on the mat. It may be easier to balance the two skills by keeping your mouthguard in your mouth while scrutinizing your chess board.

7. Caber Toss

There are numerous theories to explain caber toss and how it ever got started. Some say Scottish loggers tossed tree trunks across rivers to build makeshift bridges. Others claim that whiskey-drunk Scottish men challenged each other to throw tree trunks as far as possible.

No matter what really happened, people still play caber toss by chucking long wooden poles to distance markers while wearing kilts. Try this sport if you and your friends love talking about how much weight you can lift during workouts. Throwing tree-like poles will be your next challenge outside the gym.

8. Kabaddi

Playing a combination of tag and wrestling sounds fun, but imagine having to hold your breath while playing. That’s how people compete in kabaddi games. Try to touch as many players from the opposing team as possible before inhaling or getting tackled. Points go to whoever can tag the most people in between breaths.

Have Fun Trying Weird Sports

Anyone can try these weird sports if they have enough people to make two teams. Your friends won’t be able to contain their giggles while trying new games that push their skills to their limits.

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