What Is Core Vibration and How Can You Increase It?

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Author Name: Mia Barnes
Date: Friday October 30, 2020

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Your favorite jam comes on the radio. You sing along and turn your steering wheel into a drum kit. Two minutes later, the frown you wore since getting negative feedback at the office disappears, and your smile competes with the sun. 

What did you unconsciously do? Although you may not have known it, you raised your core vibration. Doing this can significantly improve your physical and mental health. What is core vibration, though? Here’s what you need to know about this phenomenon and how you can use it to better your life. 

What Is Core Vibration?

Think back to your high school chemistry class when you learned about the atom. You know everything — including your body — consists of these microscopic elements. 

Within the atom, electrons continually circle the nucleus. Everything in your body is always in motion, even when you rest. Motion creates vibration. 

That, in essence, is your core vibration — the endless rhythm and hum of your body. While this idea sounds new-age, it has roots in ancient practices. Gregorian monks used these healing chants in their prayers. 

If you take yoga, you engage these principles when you chant “om.” Try using this technique when you sit in mindfulness meditation to center yourself. Breathe in, and as you exhale, focus on the gentle hum of your breath. This practice helps pull you out of worry and fear about an unknown future and return you to the present. 

This practice now has proponents in modern science, although it remains obscure. In 1998, Dr. Glen Rein converted Gregorian chants to audio waves. He then exposed DNA to different musical tones and observed that the frequencies caused a marked increase in light absorption. Since rock music had little effect, he posits that these frequencies can heal you at the genetic level. 

7 Methods for Increasing Your Core Vibration 

Now that you know what your core vibration is, how can you raise yours? You have several options — and all of them are pleasurable. How often do you score natural healing that doesn’t involve some degree of sacrifice? 

1. Hum and Sing

The next time your favorite jam comes on the radio, turn your car into your recording studio. Roll up the windows and let your vocal cords shine. Who cares if you can’t carry a tune? 

While you do, focus on the sensation of your breath as it vibrates the air to create sound. If you don’t feel comfortable singing, you can hum. Experiment with finding a tone that seems like the perfect vibe for your body. 

2. Take a Musical Bath 

If you enjoy lying in the tub, you can make the experience even more relaxing and healing by adding solfeggio frequencies. The water acts as a sound chamber to magnify the vibrations and aid in regeneration from the cellular level. 

You can find tons of videos on YouTube — merely search for solfeggio frequencies. Dock your iPhone near the tub and lie back to allow your core vibration to synchronize with the music. If you want even more intense healing, consider adding a few tea bags and Epsom salts. Chamomile and lavender are gently soothing while the salts ease muscle tension. 

3. Bang a Drum 

If you enjoy music when you work out, why not look into a Pound class? You can raise your vibration by drumming in tune with the bass line as it rocks your soul. You’ll tone your arms, improve your cardiovascular health and burn calories while harmonizing your vibe. 

4. Shake It Off 

Who says that you have to go to a gym — they might remain closed in your area. Instead, why not put on some music that you love and dance around your living room? If you have little ones at home, you can challenge them to a dance-off. See who can invent the craziest moves! 

You can alleviate boredom while waiting in line with this method. Try humming along to whatever music is on the grocery store sound system and tapping your feet or gently rocking on your heels. It’s much better for your health than stewing over the woman with the laden cart, tons of coupons and a checkbook. 

5. Practice Yoga

Yoga marries movement with breath, and it incorporates a technique known as ujjayi breathing. Inhale deeply, and as you exhale, let the air echo out with a gentle humming sound. You can practice with your mouth open or closed. The constriction in your glottis creates gentle pressure through your abdomen and chest, almost as if you’re massaging your internal organs. 

6. Meditate 

Meditation is another excellent way to raise your core vibration. By slowing down and listening to your internal voice, you clear the mental clutter and racing thoughts that can lead to negative behaviors. The next time you sit or lie down to practice, put on some healing frequencies in the background. No lyrics will interrupt your zen, but the tones help you achieve calm. 

7. Follow Your Heart 

Remember that your body remains in motion all the time. Once you heal your core vibration, keep it in alignment by following your heart. You know the sense of disquiet you experience when you do something that violates your inner moral code? That’s your vibes falling out of harmony. Learn to heed that small whisper and make choices that guide you in an uplifting, positive direction. 

Increase Your Core Vibration to Improve Your Overall Health 

Many people wonder, “what is core vibration?” Now that you know, use music and natural techniques to feel better mentally and physically.

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