Can’t Drink Coffee? Try These 5 Alternatives

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Author Name: Mia Barnes
Date: Wednesday May 6, 2020

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Although coffee seems to have become synonymous with a successful early morning routine, this caffeine-laden substance simply isn’t for everyone.

Maybe the taste of coffee makes your purse your lips. Or perhaps you were once so coffee-obsessed that drinking too much of this drink gave you the jitters. Regardless of your reason to swear off coffee, you’re ready to find a healthier — and perhaps tastier — way to start off your day.

Fortunately, coffee isn’t the only drink with a reputation for putting some added pep in your step when you most need it in the morning. Not sure what to drink instead of coffee to wake up on the right side of the bed every day? It’s time to put away the coffee pot for good — because here’s a look at 5 tasty drinks you’ll want to make a daily part of your morning routine.

1. Tea (of Any Variety!)

You used to love the sense of personalization that came with ordering your venti caramel white chocolate latte at your nearby Starbucks. But if you thought that coffee was the only customizable drink, think again.

For every type of coffee in existence, there seems to be two more tea options. And if having access to multiple options wasn’t enough to sell you, the health benefits provided by these herbal substances will.

Research studies support black and green tea as powerful substances that can work to enhance vascular reactivity, strengthening your body’s ability to deal with physical and emotional stress. This means that if you wake up feeling groggy or gloomy, a freshly-brewed cup of tea may be your secret weapon to keep you on your feet.

2. Orange Juice

We all loved OJ as a kid and can admit to eagerly gulping down this tasty beverage early in the morning while seated at our kitchen counters. But into adulthood, you may have gradually found yourself replacing your orange juice with caffeine-laden drinks instead.

As a fruitful drink full of natural sugars, a gulp of OJ in the morning can give you a natural jolt of energy. The health benefits provided by oranges can help you to feel more alert, and less groggy, in the morning, too.

3. Water

Ah, good ol’ H2O. Nothing quenches your thirst quite like a nice, tall glass of this refreshing substance. But when you’re asking yourself what to drink instead of coffee to wake up, water may not seem like a potential option. However, the thirst-quenching properties of water make it the go-to morning drink for anyone looking to wake up on the right foot.

Since your body goes 7-8 hours without drinking while you sleep, it can take a serious toll on your sense of hydration. Since tiredness and lethargy are amongst the most noted symptoms of dehydration, a glass full of water may be the remedy to your early morning sleepiness.

Consider adding a dash of honey or a spoonful of lemon juice to your glass of water to awaken your senses and experience an added rush of energy.

4. Kombucha

If kombucha doesn’t sound like a mystical drink, then we don’t know what does. Not only does this tasty tea have a mighty name, but it also has the health benefits to back it up.

A fermented beverage known for its bubbly black or green tea flavors, kombucha produces detoxifying and antioxidant properties that promote both healthy immune system and digestive system functioning early on in the day.

And if those benefits weren’t enough to sell you, perhaps the heightened alertness promoted by kombucha will. There’s nothing like enjoying a nice bubbly beverage that also keeps you sharp and prepared in the morning, too.

5. Chai

Chai teas have become a trendy drink that means you’re likely to find this tasty beverage scrawled on the menus of coffee houses and cafes scattered across the nation. But while chai may be known for its comforting cinnamon and ginger flavors, it’s also notorious for giving early birds a boost of much-needed energy, too.

Don’t believe us? When you’re not sure what to drink instead of coffee to wake up, a cup full of chai may just do the trick. Try brewing up a fresh kettle of chai first thing in the morning. Add a dash of your favorite spices and let the powers of chai provide you with the energizing perks you need to kick-start a great morning.

What to Drink Instead of Coffee to Wake up Is up to You

With all of the research studies examining the potentially adverse effects of excessive caffeine, you have more reasons than one to find a healthier alternative to start off your day.

If your morning cup of coffee seems to be doing more harm than good, that doesn’t mean you’re destined to hours of yawning and a lack of energy in the morning, too.

Fortunately, the beverage industry is continuously growing, and researchers continue to discover new health benefits associated with various foods and drinks with every passing day. So go ahead and put that coffee maker to the back of your cupboard — there may just be a better way to start your morning off after all.

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