Which Green Tea Is Best for Weight Loss? Everything You Need to Know

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Author Name: Mia Barnes
Date: Wednesday March 9, 2022

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Reaching your weight loss goals can take several creative health tools. When you’re eating plenty of veggies, exercising regularly and watching your portion sizes, it’s discouraging to watch your weight loss slow. Adding a hot cup of tea could fix that. This guide explains which green tea is best for weight loss so you can tackle your goals and feel great in your skin.

Does Green Tea Reduce Belly Fat?

You might wonder if green tea can really target unwanted fat. How could a few sips of tea affect your weight? It all comes down to the nutrient profile of green tea and how the body processes it.

Caffeine is the first significant component of green tea. A perfectly brewed cup will have less than a cup of coffee, so it’s less of a shock to your body. Instead, your body can better handle the energy boost proved by the caffeine and use it to fuel your metabolism.

Green tea also has an anti-inflammatory effect. Research shows that people with inflamed bowels experience relief after drinking green tea, which affects their body weight. Inflammation can cause water retention that masks itself as extra pounds. As your cells settle from their inflamed state, you’ll shed bloat and belly fat overnight.

How Many Cups Should You Drink?

Some diets have strict requirements. You may read nutritional guides that require weighing your meals or measuring supplemental additives. Green tea won’t complicate whichever diet you prefer.

Tea is an easy beverage that complements existing routines. As long as you have at least one cup per day, your body will enjoy its benefits. The effects are nearly immediate and last as long as it takes for you to process the tea, so you don’t have to wait numerous days between servings.

When Should You Drink Green Tea?

There isn’t a specific time for everyone to drink their daily glass of green tea. It’s one of the freeing parts of adding it to your diet. Sip from your mug after waking up or when you get a little sleepy in the afternoon.

The caffeine content is the only thing to keep in mind when you’re daydreaming about brewing some green tea. If you need to fall asleep in a few hours or are sensitive to caffeine after a specific time of day, you should stick to green tea in the morning or around lunch.

Which Green Tea Is Best for Weight Loss?

Now that you’ve got a good idea of when to drink your green tea and why it could supplement your weight loss plan, you might start looking for it online or at your local grocery store. Don’t be surprised when you find multiple kinds of tea. These are the best selections for individuals with weight loss in mind.

Matcha Green Tea Powder 

Many people post about making or ordering matcha green tea. It’s a form of powder tea that strikes some people as strange because they’re used to traditional tea. You don’t need to brew it in a bag or worry about sifting it out of your cup before drinking. 

It’s a crowd favorite because you can buy it in bulk at affordable prices and add it to any beverage. It may also keep you full between meals. Matcha tea has fiber that stabilizes your blood sugar and prevents cravings, thanks to the way farmers harvest it.

Genmaicha Green Tea

You can also try the Japanese Genmaicha green tea. Experts make it with brown rice kernels to give it a yellow hue and a nutty aroma. It has the same weight loss benefits as matcha or traditional green tea, but it also has extra antioxidants.

Antioxidants might be what your body needs to break out of a weight loss plateau. They boost your bodily functions like your metabolism while fighting harmful free radicals that result in dry skin and damaged hair. Your body will benefit in numerous ways from the additional antioxidants from genmaicha tea.

Sencha Green Tea

Your body may not lose weight as it did a few weeks or months ago because it’s exhausted. Consider the time of year and your current health. It may divert energy to your immune system during flu season and not have the ability to also burn fat.

Sencha green tea can help. It has the same caffeine and antioxidant properties as other green tea, plus a significant amount of vitamin C that supports a weakened immune system. As your bodily functions become stronger, other systems like your metabolism will begin to thrive again.

Butter Tea Blend

Butter tea is another flavor variant of green tea. It helps people lose weight by fueling their metabolism with caffeine and suppressing bored snacking cravings with fiber. You may prefer the sweet, smooth flavor profile over the grassy afternotes in traditional green tea. Consider it as a replacement if you had a bad experience with another green tea in the past.

Ginger-Infused Green Tea

Many tea companies make ginger-infused green tea specifically for anyone looking to lose weight. The unique twang of ginger does more than add a new flavor to your daily mug of tea. It also provides additional antioxidants that lose weight and keep it off.

A recent study found that people who added ginger to their diet lost weight for good when they consumed more ginger long-term. Drinking it in your tea is an easy way to experience the same benefits. While your weight loss revs back up again, the ginger will also soothe your stomach between meals and keep bloat-causing inflammation at bay.

MCT Oil Tea Blend

Your body may need more than caffeine to jolt your metabolism. Add a few medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) to get the job done. MCTs are the natural fats in coconut oil that make it a powerful weight loss tool. The healthy dietary fats target unwanted weight by helping your body stay in ketosis, which is a state that can burn fat cells more efficiently. However, you might not like the taste of it in your green tea.

MCT oil production companies use specialized extraction tools to get the medium-chain triglycerides from coconut oil without the flavor. You can find a bottle of it in health stores and add a small amount to your green tea to make it an extra helpful weight loss tool.

When using MCT oil for the first time, remember that less is more. Using more than a quarter teaspoon at a time could irritate your stomach lining and result in painful gas or cramping. Allow your body time to get used to it by starting with small amounts and working your way up to the recommended serving size on the bottle’s label.

How to Make Green Tea for Weight Loss

Never made green tea before? Use these steps to brew the perfect cup.

Choose Loose Leaf or Bags

Decide which kind of green tea you want to try — loose-leaf or bagged tea. You can brew bagged tea directly in your favorite mug, but loose-leaf will require a filter or strainer that easily removes them after your tea is ready to drink.

Boil Your Hot Water

You can boil water for tea on the stove with a pot or a kettle. If you want to prepare it faster or use fewer dishes, you may also get your hot water from your coffee maker or an electric kettle.

Pick a Weight-Loss-Friendly Sweetener

If you know you can’t drink tea without a sweetener, don’t reach for your sugar. It spikes your blood sugar levels which causes immediate weight gain, even if you’re on a low-calorie diet or only consume small amounts.

Instead, replace your sugar with a weight-loss-friendly sweetener that’s easy on your blood sugar. Stevia is an organic option, but you can also buy erythritol products at your local grocery store.

Let It Steep

Check the packaging on your tea to steep it for the correct length of time. Some may require two or three minutes in your hot water before you can remove it, while others need six minutes or longer. If you leave the tea in your mug for longer than the recommended period, you’ll have a more robust flavor and a more intense amount of caffeine in your beverage.

Prepare It for Later

You can also prepare green tea for later if you don’t have time to make a fresh cup every day. Boil a significant amount of water and check the tea packaging for the recommended number of bags or serving size of loose leaves. Steep for the indicated period and add your sweetener while the water’s hot. It can remain in your fridge for up to a week in your favorite pitcher.

Reach Your Weight Goals With Tea

Now that you know which green tea is best for weight loss, have fun experimenting with the various flavors. You’ll find a few that you love and get back on track with your health and wellness goals.

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