5 Best Friend Valentine Gifts

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Author Name: Beth Rush
Date: Thursday February 7, 2019

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Valentine’s Day doesn’t always have to be about your significant other. In fact, you should use February 14 as an excuse to give your bestie some great best friend Valentine gifts. It’s time to recognize the people who help you through every break-up and reassure you that your soulmate awaits. After all, where would we be without our closest companions?

Here are five ways to make your pals feel special on Valentine’s Day.

1. A Zodiac-Inspired Piece

We all have that one friend who’s obsessed with astrology. Maybe they’re a mysterious, secretive Scorpio or an independent and impulsive Aries. Either way, why not consider a zodiac-inspired present for your favorite starry-eyed person?

You could try a bracelet or necklace engraved with their star sign. If your friend already owns a lot of jewelry, pick up a cute box or dish that features a specific zodiac. These days, there are many choices, from candles to mugs to soaps.

2. A Custom Art Design

Solidify your friendship with a custom art design! You can personalize whatever fits your friend best. Whether they love gag gifts or prefer tasteful pieces, there’s an option for everyone. These presents can take some time to process, so don’t wait until February 13 to place an order. That said, if you’re the artsy type, you can always customize your own gift.

If they love unique pillows, you could have one printed with your favorite quote or picture. You may want to create an art print that features your names alongside a sketch of you both. If your friend likes funny memes, pick one to put on a mug.

3. A Spa Day Basket

It’s never fun to be single on Valentine’s Day. That’s why many people use this holiday as an excuse for self-love. If you have a friend that feels a little down when February 14 rolls around, here are some terrific best friend Valentine gifts to consider.

A hot bath can help the body relax so that you feel less stressed. Fill up a basket or bag with your favorite bath salts and bath bombs to promote a peaceful evening. Then, include an aromatic candle, as well as an essential oil or two. Add nail polish, face masks and body lotion.

4. A Fun Home Gadget

Is your best friend super tech-savvy? If so, now would be the perfect time to spoil them with a new device. You definitely don’t have to buy them a phone or laptop, but a fun gadget can be both useful and enjoyable. Who wouldn’t want a self-cleaning water bottle?

You could pick out an LED showerhead that changes colors when you shower, or a smart vase that holds flowers as it charges your phone. What about a smart beauty mirror? Look around for unique devices that add a little spice to your friend’s life.

5. A Meditative Zen Journal

We all could benefit from some mindfulness every now and then. If a spa day won’t cure your best friend’s stress, it’s time to gift them a journal. This activity contributes to various health benefits, like improved cognitive function. It’s also proven to reduce anxiety as you write down your thoughts.

You can choose a blank journal with a pretty design on the outside, or pick a journal that includes specific prompts and questions. Either option encourages them to work through their emotions and learn how to process them better. Feel free to grab your own journal to do the same. Remember, Valentine’s Day can be about self-love, too.

Choose These Best Friend Valentine Gifts This Year

If you want to shower your friends with love, try these Valentine’s Day gifts. Everyone deserves some admiration on this day!

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