5 Thickening Tricks for Thin Hair

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Author Name: Mia Barnes
Date: Friday May 22, 2020

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We’re all born with a specific hair type that correlates with each individual hair strand’s diameter. If you don’t know what to call your hair type, grab a single strand and rub it between your fingers. Do you feel anything? If not, you probably have fine hair, but fine and thin aren’t always the same. You may need to follow tricks for thin hair to make it as thick as you want.

It may surprise you to know that you can have fine and thick hair, since “thick” refers to the amount of hair on your head. If you have thin hair, though, you likely experience lifeless locks. While you can’t always thicken your hair permanently, it’s possible to fake the same effect with a few handy tricks.

Here are five ways to make your thin hair look volumized.

1. Use the Right Products

This tip may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s important to choose the best products. Even those with naturally thicker hair need to apply creams and serums to achieve that Southern belle look. The next time that you’re at the store, pick up a spray and a mousse. These two products can work together to create the perfect look.

You should also know how to apply these products correctly. Always dampen your hair before you pull out your bottles. Then, shake up your mousse so that it comes out as a foam. Run your hands through your hair and make sure it’s dispersed evenly.

You can also switch your current shampoo and conditioner for thickening products. These should add bounce and perkiness to your hair.

2. Blow-Dry Upside Down

You don’t always have to use heat, but one simple technique can make a huge difference. After you apply the products of your choice, it’s time to dry your hair. Grab your blow dryer and flip your hair upside down. Then, blow-dry as you tousle your hair.

This move creates more volume on top of your head – a perk that you can’t really achieve when you blow-dry normally. Use a heat protectant product and the coolest blow dryer setting so that you don’t damage your hair.

3. Try Conditioning Before Shampooing

We’ve all heard that it’s best to shampoo your hair before you apply conditioner. That said, it may be smarter for those with thinner hair to reverse those steps. While conditioners are necessary for healthy hair, they can make your locks look a little weighed down.

Run conditioner through the ends of your hair before you scrub away with shampoo. You’ll still enjoy the moisture that the conditioner provides, but you won’t experience any flatness. Remember that it’s essential to choose the right products, so try a texturizing conditioner for this process.

4. Take a Vitamin Supplement

The best tricks for thin hair tend to be the simplest. If you don’t already take a biotin supplement, it’s time to start. While experts haven’t proven that biotin makes hair grow more fully, it’s still an essential nutrient. Our bodies need it to create energy – and a biotin deficiency can lead to thinner hair over time.

You can incorporate a biotin supplement into your diet for stronger hair. You may also want to consider fish oil, which helps prevent hair loss. Many women’s vitamin supplements already contain biotin, amongst other ingredients, so check your label if you already take one.

5. Chat With a Trichologist

If you have thin hair, it’s usually a smart idea to visit a specialist if you really have an issue. It’s necessary to note that thin and fine hair are different. In this case, “thin” refers to the density of your hair. It’s merely about how much hair you have on your head. Therefore, you could have fine hair and thick curls at the same time.

When your hair becomes thinner, it’s often due to age. That said, you may be able to fix it with a doctor’s help. If these tricks for thin hair don’t do enough for you, set up an appointment.

Try These Tricks for Thin Hair for More Volume and Depth

If you need a hair boost, try these handy suggestions. The right products can make a real difference in how you and others see your hair. You can adjust other points of your lifestyle to help your hair thicken up. With the right routine, you can achieve the thickness that you desire – even if you need to fake it.

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