7 Benefits of Wearing Makeup

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Author Name: Beth Rush
Date: Tuesday September 8, 2020

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As young girls grow up, it’s a right of passage to get your first makeup bag and tube of mascara. Whether you used your mother’s products to play with makeup during dress up or experimented with it for a high school dance, makeup is part of many women’s daily lives from a young age.

Have you ever wondered why it’s such a big part of life? There has to be more to makeup than trying on shades of lipstick or trying on fake eyelashes before a date. If you take a deep dive into the world of makeup, you’ll discover that there are plenty of reasons to have a regular beauty routine.

Check out these seven benefits of wearing makeup that you may already experience. Foundation and highlighter can do more than enhance your look, especially if you use makeup products every day.


1. You Can Express Yourself

Life is a journey where you’re always learning more about yourself. If you never try anything new, you won’t learn what you like or dislike. Expressing yourself through your words and actions is a crucial part in forming your identity. Makeup offers a new way for you to experiment with your appearance and learn how to communicate your personality with those around you.

2. You May Experience More Confidence

Everyone wonders what they’d look like if they had a different appearance. Disliking parts of how you look could result in low self-confidence that affects things like your grades, workplace performance and overall happiness.

Makeup helps people boost their confidence for many reasons. As you practice, you learn new makeup techniques like winged eyeliner or lip penciling. You’ll also feel better about how you look when you leave the house every morning, which gives you the energy you need to confidently take on your day.

3. You’ll Have Fun

For most people, wearing makeup is about having fun. There’s always something new to try and gurus to follow. You never have to get bored with a repeated style. It becomes a hobby and a passion for those who dive into the world of beauty. Life should be more fun for everyone, so why not allow makeup to be something you look forward to every day?

4. You Can Protect Your Skin

Makeup also gives you the power to protect yourself and your skin. Certain products have SPF lotion mixed in, without leaving your face feeling greasy or shiny. It’s more protection than if you’d left the house without doing your makeup first, which helps your skin stay healthy as you age.

It’s also a hobby that will continuously teach you new ways to protect yourself. After you find SPF products you enjoy, you can go further and discover how to get glowing skin by taking your makeup game to the next level with lifestyle changes, vitamins and nutrients. You’ll never worry about dry skin in the summer or flakiness in the winter as you continue to learn the benefits of wearing makeup.

5. You’ll Look Younger

Aging isn’t always easy. Sometimes it takes a toll on your appearance that leaves you feeling like a stranger in your skin. Makeup can make aging easier by giving you a youthful appearance as you adjust to wrinkles and age spots. It’s all part of learning to love yourself and celebrate your appearance, even when it changes as you age.

6. You Learn About Self Care

It’s essential to pay attention to your mental health and learn how to improve it, which is where makeup can help. Applying makeup and enhancing your look is an act of self-care if it makes you feel happier and more at peace. Self-care is vital to your mental health because you’ll take care of yourself and monitor your well-being. Paying attention will help you catch symptoms of poor mental health before they spiral out of control.

7. You’ll Cleanse Your Skin

When you don’t wear makeup, it’s easy to forget to wash your face at night. Taking off your makeup at the end of the day results in washing your skin, which prevents breakouts and residue build-up in your pores. Your face will feel noticeably fresher and cleaner because you make an effort to wash off your makeup before bed.

Enjoy Your Routine

These seven benefits of wearing makeup can help you enjoy your routine. Makeup should feel empowering and enhance your life, like boosting your confidence or improving your self-care habits. Embrace your skills and learn something new to get the most out of your makeup products.

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