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15 Unique Social Distancing Date Ideas

The dating landscape may have changed, but there’s no need to halt the romance. Whether it’s your first date, a night with your spouse or a day with friends, there’s a socially distanced date for you! Check out these 15 fun and creative social distancing date ideas. When You Live Together Netflix and chill can […]

Sustainable Beauty: 6 Ingredients to Look For and 6 to Avoid

Are you seeking to make your beauty routine kinder to the planet and to yourself? Sustainable products offer a host of benefits with fewer nasty effects on your complexion and Mother Earth alike.  How can you green your cosmetics collection? The best way is to look for eco-friendly products that offer a score of health […]

Gardening and Mental Health: 8 Benefits You Should Know

When someone tells you to take care of your mental health, you might try yoga, breathing exercises or better sleep hygiene. Those are great coping mechanisms to handle struggles related to challenges like anxiety and depression, but don’t forget to add gardening to your list. Check out eight benefits you should know about gardening and […]

The Benefits of Olive Oil for Disease Prevention and More

What do you know about olive oil? It’s a go-to ingredient for many savory dishes, but you’ve likely heard about its potential advantages, too. In many ways, you’ll find that olive oil can aid your health. From disease prevention to hair growth, it’s a useful product to have on your shelf. Here’s a look at […]

How to Make New Friends as an Adult: 10 Methods

When you were an undergrad, making new friends was as easy as attending class, striking up a convo and grabbing a coffee afterward. As an adult, though, it seems like a struggle to find others with whom you mesh.  As you get older, work and family responsibilities eat up more of your time, but you […]

8 Types of Emotional Manipulation

Everyone engages in emotional manipulation — your 4-year-old does it when she tells you you’re the best parent ever in hopes of winning a predinner cookie. Most of the time, the behavior is benign — you know the guy on the used car lot will pull out all the stops to make you see that […]

8 Plants That Help You Sleep

Are you struggling to get your Zzz’s? With all the anxiety that 2020 has produced and more tumult likely on the horizon, you’re far from alone.  However, lack of adequate rest can lead to a host of adverse mental and physical health effects. How can you get more sleep without turning to potentially addictive drugs? […]

9 Tips for Traveling While Working Remotely

One of the greatest benefits of working remotely is the ability to travel. Realistically, all you need is a stable internet connection and a place to focus. There are also many ways to make your adventure go a bit smoother. Here are nine useful tips for traveling while working remotely: 1. Choose an Accommodation With […]

Are All Processed Foods Bad? They’re Better for You Than You May Think

It’s no secret that processed foods have taken over grocery stores. From prepackaged frozen dinners to chips with red dye, it’s hard not to find processed foods everywhere you shop. They’re often laden with preservatives, sugar, additives and other poor ingredients that impact your health. That said, you may be surprised to know that not […]

What to Know Before Getting Married

Another wedding season is about to begin, so you might be thinking about taking the next step with your partner. Before you look at engagement rings together, you have to think critically about marriage. This isn’t as romantic as browsing through wedding dresses online, but it’s a crucial part of making your marriage work from […]

9 Signs of a Narcissistic Personality

People use the term “narcissist” frequently today, but not everyone who exhibits these traits has a mental disorder. The absence of diagnosis doesn’t keep these individuals from carving a path of destruction through your life.  One of the factors that makes narcissism so insidious is that such individuals don’t often create problems until you become […]

Is Daydreaming Healthy? 7 Reasons to Keep Your Head in the Clouds

You probably have a somewhat negative attitude toward daydreaming. If your caretakers ever criticized you for having your head in the clouds as a child, you might associate letting your mind wander with wasting time.  However, science tells us that visualization can offer a host of benefits. Many of the perks improve your overall well-being. […]

Stroke Causes and Effects: What You Should Know

You might think of strokes as something that only impacts older adults, but they can strike at nearly any age. Any condition that results in a lack of blood flow to the brain can result in permanent disability. Therefore, you must recognize the signs and risk factors.  Strokes occur when a blood vessel in your […]