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10 Achilles Tendonitis Exercises

Achilles tendonitis can put a damper on your athletic career. Trying to play through such an injury can prove disastrous, but the right exercises can help you heal.  The perfect recovery regimen combines flexibility and strength. Here are ten Achilles tendonitis exercises to try the next time your heel starts to ache.  1. Stair Calf […]

Causes of Achilles Tendonitis and How to Prevent It

You’re running up that hill when shooting pain in your right heel brings you to a dead stop. What fresh new agony is this?  The culprit could be achilles tendonitis, a condition that lays countless athletes low each year. What causes this condition, and how can you prevent it?  What Is Achilles Tendonitis?  Achilles tendonitis […]

10 Fun Christmas Food Ideas

When the holidays arrive with a hungry horde to feed, you want to do more than slake their appetite. You want to wow them with festive treats that reflect the seasonal spirit.  However, you don’t have to transform into Martha Stewart overnight to put together an impressive spread. Many recipes that look complicated don’t require […]

What Is Functional Abdominal Pain Syndrome?

Your brain and gut share an intimate connection that scientists have only begun to understand. Many researchers believe that this relationship could help explain many conditions that have no apparent physical cause.  Functional abdominal pain syndrome may offer valuable insights into the way the nervous and digestive systems interact. In the meantime, what is functional […]

8 Natural Ways to Boost the Immune System

2020 may be behind us — however, cold and flu season is here, and COVID-19 lingers on like an unwanted houseguest. It’s wise to do whatever you can to stay healthier.  Fortunately, you can strengthen your body’s innate germ defense system. Here are eight natural ways to boost the immune system and stay healthier this […]

6 Causes of Joint Inflammation and How to Get Relief

Do your knees creak like the door at a Halloween scream park attraction when you first wake up? Does pain keep you from doing the things that you love?  If it hurts when you move, the problem could be swollen, achy joints. Here are six causes of joint inflammation and how to get relief.  1. […]

6 Natural Ways To Lower Cholesterol

If you’re taking medications to lower your cholesterol, they may leave you feeling a bit under the weather. Like all medications, these drugs come with side effects that can range from mild to severe. Common side effects of cholesterol drugs include dizziness, stomach cramps, headaches, sleeplessness, rashes, vomiting and liver damage. Luckily, there are more […]

Static Stretching: 8 Ways to Ease Yourself to Sleep

Are you finding it harder to get your Zzz’s these days? Anxiety abounds in 2020, and you aren’t alone if you struggle to get your recommended daily allowance of shuteye.  Have you considered trying yoga to ease you into dreamland? This form of exercise doesn’t have to get your heart rate going — instead, it […]

How to Help Someone With Anxiety and Depression

It’s always difficult to watch someone you love and are close to go through tough times, especially if their issues are unfamiliar to you and sensitive in nature, such as mental health struggles. Even if you have personally dealt with anxiety or depression, each person’s experience is unique to them, and each person will require […]

7 Ways to Keep a Relationship Exciting

Whether you’ve been dating for three months or ten years, there is something to be said for keeping that electric spark alive between you and your sweetheart. Even if you love them more than anything in the world, relationships can sometimes lose their sense of spontaneity with time. This isn’t always a bad thing. Often, […]

Dynamic Stretching: Benefits and Techniques

What do you do to warm up before the big game? If you twist your body and jog in place, you’re doing dynamic stretching. This technique can help you decrease the chances of injury while getting you ready for showtime.  However, you don’t have to be an athlete to reap the benefits. It helps in […]

5 Benefits of Family Therapy

While therapy and counseling are often considered to be solitary activities, there are also options for collective counseling that many people and groups find helpful, and family counseling is one of those forms of mental health care. Although you may feel that your family doesn’t need counseling, or that the issues at hand would be […]

12 Unheard of Pregnancy Symptoms

You’ve heard of pregnancy causing morning sickness and food cravings, but that doesn’t mean you know what’s ahead during your nine-month experience. Pregnancy is a little different for everyone, which is why it’s so important to read everything you can. Make sure you’re prepared for these 12 unheard of pregnancy symptoms so nothing catches you […]