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Beth Rush


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8 Long-Lasting Benefits of Couples Therapy

When you fell in love with your partner, they gave you butterflies that made all your troubles fade away. You knew you could conquer anything together, but then life got hard. When things get difficult, you can always reap the benefits of couples therapy together. Going to therapy doesn’t mean your relationship is broken or […]

What Is a Fitness Plan, and How Can It Benefit Your Life?

Do you want to lose weight or get into shape, but don’t know where to start? Have you been exercising regularly, but not seeing your desired results? Do you look around the gym and choose each machine randomly? Well, a fitness plan may be the pathway to your dreams. Keep reading to uncover why a […]

How Mental Health Impacts Your Physical Health — and Tips for Improving Both

Most people consider their minds and bodies two different beasts. However, research and anecdotes from historical philosophers reaffirm that what you do to one affects the other.  How does your mental health impact your physical health? Can your thoughts and behaviors worsen your symptoms or help heal ailments? How can you improve both your body […]

6 Home Remedies for Heartburn During Pregnancy

Pregnancy has many common side effects that get irritating after a while. When your morning sickness subsides and you get your energy back, you might notice heartburn appearing more often than before. Acid reflux is a typical part of most pregnancy experiences, but you don’t have to deal with it through your delivery. Check out […]

8 Benefits of Swimming for Exercise

Do you need a new fitness regimen? The new year is here, and that means it’s time to set your resolutions. Have you considered the life aquatic?  Getting in the water offers a host of advantages over land-based workouts. Here are eight benefits of swimming for exercise that will have you donning your bathing suit […]

The 3 Components of Physical Fitness: 5 Ways to Improve Each

How in shape are you? You probably think that you’re reasonably healthy — but do you pay attention to each component of physical fitness?  A complete workout regimen improves your heart and lungs while building strength and improving flexibility. Fortunately, you can get all three in at least five different ways. Here’s how.  Cardiovascular Fitness […]

10 Foods That Reduce Stress

Is 2020 over yet? If you’re one of the many people feeling stressed to the max, please know that you are not alone. However, what can you do to ease your anxiety?  Have you considered adjusting your diet? The human body is a giant chemistry set, and everything you ingest creates specific reactions that either […]

Overcoming Fear in Relationships: How to Trust Again After Heartbreak

The path of true love never did run smooth. However, if every offer of a date leaves you singing, “Once bitten, twice shy,” you might need to overcome your fear of relationships.  People panic about commitment for various reasons, but one of the most frequent revolves around past heartbreak. How can you learn to trust […]

10 Yoga Poses for Back Pain

Are you one of the millions of Americans with back pain? If so, you probably use anything from over-the-counter medications to creams to find relief.  Have you tried yoga? This ancient practice can feel like a massage you give yourself, as it opens up many of the adhesions that form on muscles and connective tissues […]

Top 10 Easy Plyometric Exercises

You want to get in shape and stick to your New Year’s resolutions, but the thought of returning to a gym makes you feel uneasy. Did you know that you can get an intense workout at home without investing in an app or a personal trainer?  The answer to your fitness dilemma might be plyometrics. […]

Side Effects of Too Much Chlorine in Drinking Water: Should You Be Concerned?

If you ever tasted water fresh from a mountain aquifer, you probably marveled at its purity. While the stuff flowing from your taps might seem clear, it isn’t free of chemical additives.  One of these ingredients is chlorine. While most municipalities keep levels within widely recognized safety guidelines, some people still express concern. What are […]

5 Types of Headaches You Need to Know About

If you overindulged the night before, you understand what’s behind the throbbing in your head. Headaches can cause considerable misery, and when they come out of nowhere, they can scare you. Could the pain signify something else?  While most head pain is benign, it can nevertheless wreak havoc on your productivity and quality of life. […]

Should You Use the Power of Silence After a Breakup?

Like the old song goes, breaking up is hard to do. If your last relationship ended on a rocky note, you might wonder if you should continue talking with your former partner at all.  Should you use the power of silence after a breakup? It’s never an easy decision to cut off communication with someone […]