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best resistance bands for pullups
Author Name: Beth Rush
Date: Monday November 28, 2022

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Can you do a pull-up? Many Americans can’t perform a single one, putting you way above the rest. However, training is difficult if you don’t have an assistant. Enter resistance bands. These lightweight fitness tools fit into nearly any budget and allow you to experience the joy of a pull-up assist machine at home. Here are nine of the best resistance bands for pull-up strength. 

1. SUNPOW Pull-up Assistance Bands

Pull-up assistance bands lack the handles that top many resistance bands. This feature lends additional stability, letting you loop your band around your pull-up bar to support your knees and lend assistance without worrying that they’ll pull out and send you sprawling. 

This SUNPOW set comes in three different resistances, allowing you to work your way to your pull-up goal. You can also use them for various exercises, from squats to biceps curls. They slide into a suitcase without adding to your carry-on weight limit. 

2. Power Guidance Pull-up Assist Bands

Power Guidance allows you maximum flexibility over your workout experience by offering four separate strengths of band for pull-up assistance and general fitness. They also cater to your budget. Buy only the one you need at the moment and get a quality piece of workout equipment for less than $20. 

Of course, you can go for a full set if you have deeper pockets, saving you money overall. Either way, these bands are built to last, with years of stretching in them, allowing you to add to your collection over time. 

3. TUYOI Resistance Bands Set

If you want the full gym experience at home, the right resistance band set can create it. The TUYOI resistance band set features. This set connects to your doorframe and features ankle straps for a complete upper and lower body workout. 

These bands also feature a double latex layer, elevating them above other choices. You’re less likely to have them snap, flying into your eye or breaking your television set. The straps, likewise, feature hardier carabiners than other brands. 

4. Ezona Resistance Bands Set

Here’s another resistance band set with a complete accessories suite for full-body fitness at home. You get multiple straps and attachments, a jump rope and a handy carrying sack. 

These bands delight those into serious fitness. They offer up to 200 pounds of resistance, making them appropriate for many who traditionally hit the free weight stacks at the gym. 

5. ProIron Resistance Bands With Handles 

Offering up to 100 pounds of resistance, the ProIron series features multiple dense latex strings to prevent snapping. The extra plastic tube lets you step on the bands or wrap them anywhere to customize your routine. 

This set also comes with a door hanger, allowing you a gym-quality workout at home. The multiple attachments let you work any body part, including your upper back and shoulders, to get into pull-up shape. 

6. PurelyFIT Resistance Bands

Here’s a heavy-duty set that’s great for beginners. It features a guide of over 50 different exercises and a video tutorial for each one to help you master your form. 

The handy carrying case lets you take your bands anywhere. The bands increase in resistance strength from 10 to 50 pounds. 

7. WOD Nation Pull-up Assistance Band

Sometimes, simplicity is best. WOD Nation offers pull-up assistance bands in five strengths from 30 to 60 pounds. Loop them around your bar, anchor your knees and enjoy an extra boost while you practice your sets. 

Their heaviest band offers up to 175 pounds of resistance. Loop it around your legs to add intensity to squats, or try some hardcore extensions. 

8. HYPGN Resistance Bands Set

Do you want a quality set of the best resistance bands for pull ups without shelling out a lot of cash? You can get up to 250 pounds of resistance with this set, and it will set you back less than $20 if you act quickly. 

The set comes with five different resistance levels. It also includes various attachments, a door anchor and a carry bag. 

9. Gymletics 5-Pack Pull-up Assist Set

While it’s true that color has little to do with workout effectiveness, the right hues improve your mood. That puts you in a better mindset for working out. Gymletics resistance bands come in multiple shades of pink and blue or a rainbow set for those who love every spectrum. 

You don’t need to worry about these babies snapping. They’re constructed of fabric, unlike others on this list, giving them all the power of your standard tow strap. 

Best Resistance Bands for Pull Ups Strength

It’s not easy to do a pull-up. It takes considerable strength and the right resistance bands can help you build it. 

If you’re looking for a gym-quality workout at home, consider investing in some of these best resistance bands for building pull-up strength. You’ll get maximum benefits from a minimum amount of money and enjoy squeezing in a workout session during commercial breaks. 

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