Find the Best Self-Tanner for that Off-Season Glow

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Author Name: Mia Barnes
Date: Monday March 25, 2024

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Do you want that summer-bronzed glow but only for a few days? With self-tanning products, you can achieve it no matter what season. If you wish to avoid the scorching sun or the tanning bed, there is a product for you. Here are the best self-tanners for that bronzed glow.

Why Use a Self-Tanner?

A self-tanning product provides a safe and fun way to achieve that perfect tanned skin. Unlike sunbeds and sunbathing, it doesn’t expose you to UV light, which might cause skin problems.

Most products contain the ingredient dihydroxyacetone (DHA), which gives off a healthy glow when it comes into contact with the skin. It’s also ideal if you don’t want a low-commitment tan glow since it doesn’t involve permanent pigmentation.

Is It Safe to Use a Self-Tanner?

While self-tanning products are relatively harmless, some items might contain parabens, chemicals that act as preservatives to improve shelf life. However, exposure might lead to dermatitis reactions, manifesting as flare-ups or rashes. 

It can also have health risks for breastfeeding women, with some evidence showing that parabens might cause hormonal changes. While most research suggests fake tanning is relatively harmless, there’s no need to risk your and your infant’s health for beauty’s sake.

Best Self-Tanners in the Market

Discover the best self-tanners you can use to achieve that natural summer glow. 

  1. Vita Liberata Tinted Mousse

Many tan experts recommend Vita Liberata, especially the mousse variant. All you need is one coat to achieve richly tinted skin. It’s easy to apply and dries quickly, making it ideal for quick touch-ups under the sun. It lets you enjoy a radiant medium tan lasting four to seven days before fading evenly.

$35 on Amazon

  1. Bondi Sands Self-Tanning Foam

This is considered one of the best self-tanners in the market because it ticks every box you might be looking for in a product—it dries up quickly, has a pleasant smell and has a non-drying formula that treats your skin kindly. 

The Bondi Sands Self-Tanning Foam is ideal if you have an olive complexion or prefer darker bronzed skin. Leave it on your skin for one to eight hours, depending on your preference. The longer you leave it on the skin, the darker you get.

$24 on Amazon

  1. L’Oréal Paris Sublime Bronze Water Mousse

It’s widely available, cheap and does its job of giving you a bronzed look. While it only comes in one shade, those with darker skin tones can add a few layers to achieve their desired shade. This bronze water mousse works as quickly as four hours, meaning you can apply layers over the day and still enjoy bronzed skin at night.

$8.93 on Amazon

  1. b.tan Dark Self Tan Mousse – Fake It Till You Make It

No streaks. No fake tan smell. 100% cruelty free. It’s everything a beginner to self-tanner products will love and more. Out of all the b.tan variants, this one-hour self-tan mousse can be your best bet if you want a natural dark tan without the added harmful chemicals. It’s free from parabens, which can disrupt hormones and may cause ecological harm.

$9.97 on Amazon

Get Bronzed and Glowy

Achieve that much-coveted tan without the commitment with these best self-tanner items. Which of the products are you excited to try out?

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