Friendship Date Ideas: 4 Ways to Have Fun

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Author Name: Lucas Cook
Date: Monday November 20, 2023

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Dates don’t only have to be with a significant other — there are plenty of fun friendship date ideas you can use to strengthen your bond with your friends. You probably had plenty of time to spend with your pals if you’re currently dating, but now, managing all the relationships in your life can be challenging. Luckily, you can schedule a fancy night out or a cozy night in to enjoy some refreshing friendship time.

Need some ideas for what to do? Look no further. Here are four fun friendship date ideas you and your friends might just fall in love with.

1. Pajama and Movie Party

Remember when a sleepover was the most exciting thing in the world? Bring that magic back by planning a pajama party. Go all out on the food — pizza, candy and even some chips. If you’d prefer a more grown-up-style event, have everyone don their finest pajamas and make their own charcuterie board to share. However, no movie night is complete without popcorn slathered in butter.

You could either watch the latest horror thriller or put on a rom-com that will leave everyone needing a tissue. If you want a real throwback, make it a night full of everyone’s favorite childhood movies. After all, who didn’t love the Barbie movies as a kid?

2. Wine and Paint Night

Arts and crafts don’t only have to be for the younger ones. Put on a Bob Ross tutorial and have your friends bring over their favorite bottle of wine. If you’d prefer, you can make a variety of cocktails or mocktails instead — the night doesn’t require alcohol to be fun. Painting with your pals can be a fun and hilarious — depending on how the paintings come out — way to hang out.

Why stop at painting? You could all try to crochet some adorable amigurumi together or make friendship bracelets, too. The quality doesn’t have to be fantastic. What makes this one of the best friendship date ideas is it creates a physical object everyone can look at and remember the good times you had together.

3. Fancy Dinner

A date night with your friends is almost guaranteed to be a riot. Invite one of your friends or the whole group to dress up in their fanciest clothes and have a lovely dinner together. Wearing fancy clothes can help you reclaim yourself and your happiness, so doing so with your pals can help your relationship feel stronger. There’s no need to save those nice duds for an “important” event — a date night with friends is all the reason you need.

While you could choose a ritzy eatery, some people might feel uncomfortable spending a lot of money. Not to worry — you can still get dressed up to go to a local chain restaurant. Also, you could always plan an elegant dinner party and ask everyone to share their favorite dish.

4. A Day at the Museum

Exploring a museum is a ton of fun — especially with good friends. You could go for the cultural experience and do a guided tour of the art pieces or historical mementos. But, you can also go for fun and try to find paintings that look like each other or recreate the poses of marble statues and displays. Learning and having a good time can easily go hand in hand with your best pals there with you.

Perhaps you like the spookier side of life as well. After going to the museum, you can try to find a haunted tour that takes you to the creepiest spots in the area. You could also make a day of touring local historical sites and learning about what life was like so long ago.

Strengthen Your Bond With These Friendship Date Ideas

Romance is not required to go on a date. Treating your friends to a special time together can reinforce how important they are in your life. Try out these friendship date ideas to have a fantastic day or evening with some of the best people you know.

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