How to Use a Denman Brush to Improve Your Curls

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Author Name: Lucas Cook
Date: Friday January 5, 2024

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When you have curly hair, how your twists look after a shower can feel like a crapshoot. You can follow your routine to a T and still wind up with zero volume or undefined coils, leaving you frustratedly tucking them back in a braid or ponytail. However, the brush you use in the styling phase could be the cause of lackluster strands. Here is when knowing how to use a Denman brush could be very useful.

The Denman brush has gone viral on TikTok, with many showing off how the product has helped them style their curls to perfection. Its internet fame and outstanding Amazon reviews may have you itching to pick one up, but how does it work? Here’s your look at how to use a Denman brush and choose the right one to improve your curl routine.

The Different Kinds of Denman Brushes

Unlike regular hairbrushes, the Denman brush comes in multiple styles that benefit different hair textures. No product is one size fits all when it comes to curly hair, so it’s essential to get the right kind of Denman for your hair type.

For example, those with medium-type curly hair should try out the D31 or the D41 9-Row Freeflow. The nine columns of pins are spaced out enough not to ruin your curl pattern but close enough to define each twist excellently. However, if your texture is a bit tighter than other medium-curly types, consider sticking with the D31 7-Row.

Those with hair more coily than curly should also look for the D31. The seven rows avoid wrecking your tight hair pattern while also giving you the definition and detangling you require. Any healthy curly hair routine should feature a brush that can safely relieve any tangles to produce the bounciest coils possible.

If you have looser, finer curls, your hair might love the D3 Original Styler 7-Row. While it has the same amount of columns of pins in the other brushes, the rows are much closer together. People with thinner hair and a wavy curl pattern might find this Denman brush can help them achieve the best definition possible.

How to Use a Denman Brush When Styling

It might have taken some trial and error, but now you have the perfect Denman brush for your curl pattern. But how can you make it work to your advantage?

First things first, you must start with damp hair — this is not optional. While those with straight hair might actually experience more damage when brushing their hair wet, curly hair requires the slip water and styling products provide. If your hair has any natural waves to it, you likely know how brushing it dry can turn your gorgeous strands into a frizzy mess.

You’re ready for styling fresh out of the shower. If you have thicker hair, start by applying your leave-in conditioner, gently detangling with a wide-tooth comb and adding your curl cream. Those with thinner hair can simply use a light cream or mousse and skip the comb.

To use the Denman brush, part your hair into sections. Thin hair should use larger sections, while thicker hair should part into smaller ones. Holding the brush with the pins facing away from you, start at the root and glide the Denman all the way down your hair. Scrunch the section after pulling the brush out and work around your head until you’ve brushed it all. Looser waves can also benefit from wrapping each section around the handle to form a better curl.

Finally, finish your routine by diffusing your hair until it’s dry. Lower heat can keep your curls healthy and a lower fan speed can help avoid frizz. If the products you use leave your hair a bit crunchy after styling, gently scrunch with hair oil after drying.

Boosting Your Curls by Using a Denman Brush

Brushing isn’t all bad for curly hair. Learning how to use a Denman brush can help your flat strands transform into bouncy, defined twists. Consider utilizing this guide the next time you pick up your Denman to give yourself the luscious hair you deserve.

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