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Health tips during hot weather

Health Tips During Hot Weather

It’s a lovely summer day in Death Valley National Park. As you hike across a…

Aug 03, 2023 - Beth Rush
dental hygiene tips

8 Dental Health Tips for a Sparkling Smile 

Your smile connects you with other people, telling them, “It’s…

Feb 22, 2023 - Beth Rush

How to Start Natural Bodybuilding 

In the bodybuilding community, it is almost more rare to…

Feb 22, 2023 - Beth Rush

Coronavirus updates & other tips on how to stay well.

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Walking vs. Running for Fat Loss: Which Is Best?

Were you born to run, or are you more of the “only if a bear…

Nov 18, 2020 - Beth Rush

Is It Bad to Do the Same Workout Every Day?

Most people like to try something new every once in a while, but most of…

Nov 02, 2020 - Beth Rush

8 Plants That Help You Sleep

Are you struggling to get your Zzz’s? With all the anxiety that 2020 has produced…

Oct 18, 2020 - Beth Rush

The Best 10 Oatmeal Ideas for Weight Loss

There’s always a new diet trend to try, but most of them focus on extreme…

Apr 14, 2020 - Beth Rush

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Yoga nidra for sleep and anxiety

How to Use Yoga Nidra for Sleep and Anxiety

When you hear the word “yoga,” your mind might turn to various stretching and strengthening…

Jun 15, 2023 - Lucas Cook

Understanding and Managing Muscle Strain in the Front of Your Neck

Muscle strains can interfere with you doing the things you…

Jun 13, 2023 - Lucas Cook

Fun Sports to Play as an Adult

As you age, you may feel like your options to…

May 25, 2023 - Lucas Cook

Passive Aggressive Communication Explained

Passive aggressive communication is when you express aggressive behavior indirectly…

Feb 22, 2023 - Lucas Cook

Acid Reflux: How To Get Rid of It

If you have a burning in your throat, you could…

Feb 22, 2023 - Lucas Cook

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